Khaldor and Apollo in Katowice
Our very own James 'Kaelaris' Carrol will be joined by his countryman Shaun 'Apollo' Clark and the well-known German commentator Thomas 'Khaldor' Kilian to commentate the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice StarCraft II tournament, featuring a total prize pool of $32,000. Our observer for the main stream will be the Canadian Michael 'Adebisi' Van Driel.

Along these three as commentators, we will again have a desk featuring StarCraft II experts to provide you with in-depth game analysis inbetween maps. Hosting the analysis desk will be Jarrett Cale, joined by Yoan 'ToD' Merlo and a second personality that will be announced soon.

ReDeYe, who starts his time as a ESL TV employee this month, will be the stage host for the entire event.

Khaldor to make his Intel Extreme Masters debut

Thomas 'Khaldor' Kilian is one of the most famous commentators in the StarCraft II scene. Nowadays known for being a GSL caster, his career got kick-started in WarCraft III times, where he was active as a commentator and team manager. Even though he has been active in the scene for so long, this will be the first Intel Extreme Masters event he casts. Joining him as commentators will be Shaun 'Apollo' Clark and James 'Kaelaris' Carrol, while Michael 'Adebisi' Van Driel will serve as observer for the main stream.

Also part of the crew will be Jarrett Cale, who will be hosting the analyst desk with Yoan 'ToD' Merlo and another player that will be announced soon.

EDIT: Kevin 'qxc' Riley will be the second player joining the analyst desk.

Host - Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner
Caster - James 'Kaelaris' Carrol
Caster - Shaun 'Apollo' Clark
Caster - Thomas 'Khaldor' Kilian
Analysis Host - Jarrett Cale
Expert - Yoan 'ToD' Merlo
Expert - Kevin 'qxc' Riley
Observer - Michael 'Adebisi' Van Driel

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice will take place January 18th-20th in the famous multipurpose arena complex Spodek, often used for some of Poland's largest sports events and concerts, in Katowice, Poland. The event will feature League of Legends and StarCraft II with a total prize pool of $82,000.

Travel information can be found here.

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