3 lucky winners of our gamescom NEEDforSEAT contest
You had the chance to win three NEEDforSEAT DXRACER swivel chairs signed by the stars of our tournaments at gamescom by sharing your best gamescom moment. It is about time to present the winners. All three of them will receive a DXRACER seat each worth 249.00 Euros by our official supplier of the ESL CM Storm Arena. Congratulations and have a seat, please!
NEEDforSEAT gamescom Contest
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The best GC12 moment of Robin 'F41NT' N

My favorite Moments are to feel the emotions at the end of an important game. I see the happy faces and all, that makes me happy too. At least the SK vs. CLG match is the best example, SK players are so fucking emotionally and that is really good. They take the game very serious and are hyper concentrated. Overall I love the EMOTIONS !!!

The best GC12 moment of Claus 'Sanitoeter' Z

My favorite moment was in the IEM match MVP vs Slivko when Slivko was building a Command Center as a Zerg Player!! Commentators where and the people there were going crazy!! GG ;)

The best GC12 moment of Kim 'Inicharu' S

I just love the crowd watching the League of Legends game, eSports is great. You don't need to watch 20(+2) guys chasing a ball to have a good time watching stuff.


NEEDforSEAT offers sporty office and gaming swivel chairs of the DXRACER series for any imaginable comfort and perfect adjustment options. Our sports seats are from the car seat production and are designated for long and comfortable sitting. The seats are ergonomically designed and perfectly adjust to the user as they can be setup exactly the way you want. Our seats encourage a healthy posture when sitting. No more tensions and pains due to wrong sitting posture.
otacon, Thursday, 23/08/12 18:37
NEEDforSEAT Contest
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How does Sanitoeter win when I had basically the same comment before him? :<

Anyway, congratulations all!
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