MMA & inori qualify for gamescom
The Korea/Taiwan qualification has finished and MMA & SuperNoVa will go to gamescom. This completes the online qualification for the season opening tournament in Cologne. 16 players have now secured their spot. 8 more will qualify at the event via the Open Bracket.

Korea/Taiwan Final Qualifier (Bracket)

For MMA the qualification was a straightforward approach. The winner of last seasons Intel Extreme Masters Kiev tournament took out inori and Sleep before meeting SuperNoVa in the WB final. In a very exciting TvT he won 2:1 and secured the first out of two available spot for the $31.800 tournament at gamescom.

After losing to MMA in the WB, inori fought his way through the toughest possible LB combination possible. He first won over last years gamescom winner PuMa followed by another win, this time against the reigning Intel Extreme Masters World Champion, MC.

His next opponent was Sleep, who also had fallen victim to MMA, and was kicked out of the tournament by inori immediately after. His last opponent was SuperNoVa, who started out by winning the first map. inori managed to recover, taking the second and third map, thus securing his spot for gamescom. It will be his first ever appearance at the Intel Extreme Masters.

The 16 players from the online qualification


8 more will follow at gamescom

The Intel Extreme Masters gamescom in Cologne will run from the 15th to 19th of August. On the first day the 32 player Open Bracket will take place. The top 8 from there will advance to the main tournament, bringing the total up to 24 players who will compete for $31.800.

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