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News November 2007
Intel Extreme Masters  Season 6 Global Challenge Sao Paulo 
Num News: 18
Friday, 30/11/07 10:51 | Intel Extreme Masters
Today the DreamHack will see a new champion in World of Warcraft at the Intel® Extreme Masters. The MoB teams are on a good run and there could be a WB final between both of their teams. Pandemic, after their first loss in history, has to play SK in the Lower Bracket. See great matches and the new WoW World Champion live on ESL TV free stream!
Thursday, 29/11/07 22:17 | Intel Extreme Masters
Today the maybe biggest LAN Party in history has opened its gates for players from all over Europe. The Intel® Extreme Masters crew also starts with it's work and we saw a whole bunch of pretty nice matches. Get some information on the DreamHack and the Intel® Extreme Masters tournament as well as some behind the scenes facts.
Thursday, 29/11/07 18:06 | Intel Extreme Masters
The biggest LAN in history starts today when the Intel® Extreme Masters present a couple of Main Round matches and the World of Warcraft tournament on Sweden's infamous DreamHack. Enjoy the event on ESL TV, watch the VoDs by Carmac and have a look at our pictures. Today the first rounds of World of Warcraft are getting played and the match of SK vs. roccat hits the stage later on.
Wednesday, 28/11/07 14:36 | Intel Extreme Masters
It's the last day before the DreamHack starts and not just the DreamHack crew is working on their stuff. The Intel® Extreme Masters Crew is also working hard for the next stop of the Global Challenge. In Jönköping, Sweden over 8,700 gamers in the BYOC area plus the pro gamers showing their skills to the audience. They will celebrate the eSports party of 2007! Join the party on the ESL TV and see the latest photos from Sweden.
Wednesday, 28/11/07 14:35 | Intel Extreme Masters
For the first time ever World of Warcraft will be a part of the Intel Extreme Masters. With our Global Challenge at Sweden's DreamHack we are looking forward to great competition on the highest level. Read on to see all attending teams, the seeding and our first matches that will start on Thursday.
Wednesday, 28/11/07 14:28 | Intel Extreme Masters
From 11/29 to 12/1, Intel Extreme Masters Season II is coming to Sweden. At Dreamhack, you can watch Counter-Strike and Warcraft 3 matches of the Intel Extreme Masters Main Round. Additionally we will host a World of Warcraft tournament with $75,000 prize money. We present the official event site, the list of World of Warcraft participants, and the WC3 and CS matches to be played.
Friday, 23/11/07 16:04 | Intel Extreme Masters
The Intel® Extreme Masters Main Round will begin next Monday. Europe's best teams and players will begin the fight to reach the top of their groups so they can qualify for the Intel® Extreme Masters finals. With four groups of six players and teams we look forward to seeing many thrilling matches in Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft 3.
Thursday, 22/11/07 15:31 | Intel Extreme Masters
It is the dream of every gamer to go to the world's biggest LAN: The Dreamhack in Jönköping, Sweden. This DreamHack Winter 2007 Edition, Intel® is supporting 24 non Swedish gamers to really fulfill their dream: attending DreamHack. The group members will report their experiences online. Videos, blogs and photos from thrilling Intel® Extreme Masters II matches and more: Enjoy Intel Pack4DreamHack.
Wednesday, 21/11/07 17:47 | Intel Extreme Masters
From 29th to 30th of November the most exciting eSports competition is heading for Dreamhack! Sponsor team Blizzard Entertainment®, Intel® Corporation and Dell Inc. partner to present a 75,000 $ WoW tournament as part of the Intel® Extreme Masters. Besides thrilling CS and WC3 main round matches the world elite of World of Warcraft will face off to determine the 2007 champion.
Tuesday, 20/11/07 16:14 | Intel Extreme Masters
At 17:00 o'clock the Last Chance Qualifier for the Warcraft 3 Intel® Extreme Masters II Main Round is held. We have one open slot for the WC3 Main Round. Due to a communication problem with Insomnia it was previously and falsely announced that he would drop out of the tournament. Nevertheless the Last Chance Qualifier is held today! Eight gamers will play about a slot for the 285,000 US-Dollar tournament.
Monday, 19/11/07 17:28 | Intel Extreme Masters
The cream of the crop of European eSports: Today we proudly present the drawings and seedings of the Intel® Extreme Masters Main Round. Twelve teams and players will be drawn live on ESL TV at 20:30 o'clock (CET). In the Main Round, which starts next Monday, 24 teams will play against each other. All contestants will be divided into four groups with six teams each. And Insomnia is taking part after all.
Wednesday, 14/11/07 15:42 | Intel Extreme Masters
You want to rock hard like the Intel Extreme Masters participants? Then you need first of all the perfect gaming stuff! We give you the chance to win a great Revoltec Gaming Set by answering a short survey. Just click on the link in this news and answer the questions. Five minutes and you maybe can enjoy finest gaming periphery.
Tuesday, 13/11/07 20:36 | Intel Extreme Masters
The drawings for the second Intel Extrem Masters Qualification Round are finished! We proudly present twelve thrilling Warcraft 3 and Counter-Strike matches. QR2 will start tomorrow and goes until Sunday. The matches for the main round will be drawn on Monday live on ESL TV.
Monday, 12/11/07 21:50 | Intel Extreme Masters
The first Qualification Round out of two is over right now. All in all 12 teams and players reached the QR2 during the QR1. Tomorrow the second Qualification Round will be drawn live on GIGA 2. Today we present the seedings for tomorrow's drawings. But have a look at your own.
Monday, 12/11/07 16:39 | Intel Extreme Masters
Today we are proud to present Sennheiser as sponsor of the Intel® Extreme Masters. Sennheiser is well known for their gaming headsets as well as high class headphones. With the new Sennheiser PC 350 they combine the strengths of their main products to the perfect gaming headset. This headset will be official headset of Intel® Extreme Masters.
Friday, 09/11/07 16:26 | Intel Extreme Masters
We are proud to present Dell as the new Main Sponsor for the Intel® Extreme Masters and its Global Challenge. With Dell, the Intel® Extreme Masters with $285,000 prize money will be an outstanding experience for both players and fans. With their XPS series, Dell provides the perfect tournament PC fitting to the Global Challenge. We are looking forward to a perfect second season with two strong partners: Dell and Intel.
Friday, 02/11/07 18:46 | Intel Extreme Masters
Almost all National Qualifiers are finished right now. So almost all teams and players for the Main Round, QR2 and QR1 are determined. The matches of the first Qualification Round of the Intel Extreme Masters II are drawn. Twelve matches in Counter-Strike and Warcraft 3 are determined and will be played this week.
Thursday, 01/11/07 18:30 | Intel Extreme Masters
Disappointed you missed the sign-up for your qualifier or was your team knocked out early? Well, today is your lucky day as we can announce a special last chance marathon qualifier that all European teams can take part in to earn a spot in the first qualifying round of this season.
November 2007

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ESL Admin Team
28 News for 28 days.
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28 News for 28 days.
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cs night cup
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Prý, že budou smazány, ale jakto, že tu ještě jsou??????????????
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ey jungs wo melde ich mich an fuern on or one
02/05/07 12:51  #11
one on one heißt es ^^ aber schreib besser 1on1^^
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21/05/07 17:05  #13
wie starte ichd as spiel, muss ich mir das villt erst in einem shop kaufen? wo muss ich drauf gehendas ich es spielen kann?
09/08/07 20:47  #14
du must mie 20 euro zallen dan kanst du beginen!!
30/08/07 02:48  #15
que hace por aqui tanto guiri criticando? callaos un mes.
08/10/07 16:57  #16
ist das langweilig :P
04/11/07 15:14  #17
SUCHE 2on2 MEINE ADDY loco852
29/03/03 14:58  #18
dann lasst die spiele beginnen :D
30/03/03 00:35  #19
auch du mein sohn brutus?
30/03/03 12:17  #20
ja auch ich 0 Cäsär :P
30/03/03 17:03  #21
wird auch langsam mal zeit
01/04/03 10:33  #22
dauert des jetzt wieder 4 wochen bis was passiert?
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