Seedings for QR2 Drawings Today
The first Qualification Round out of two is over right now. All in all 12 teams and players reached the QR2 during the QR1. Tomorrow the second Qualification Round will be drawn live on GIGA 2. Today we present the seedings for tomorrow's drawings. But have a look at your own.
Ladies and Gentleman: These are the seedings for tomorrow's drawings live on GIGA2. Enjoy the drawings for the second Qualification Round at 19:30 o'clock (CET).

Pool 1
Pool 1
elfi- Meet Your Makers
KnOfF haha.CS
NightWOlf Against All Authority
Protois Moscow Five
Satiini oXmoze
DieSeL wooSai.dk
Pool 2
Pool 2
Paladyn Playzone
srsRazerDQ forZe
RotterdaM A-gaming
Zeus19 pod virtual gaming
KemPeR. mTw.PokerRoom
Rob Spirit of Amiga
Pool 3
Pool 3
fire_de defs.cs
TRH.c-club iNNERFiRE
DeMusliM Eyeballers
Bro Competo.ZYKON systems
FuRy FU.sk.extrememasters
Lose Team Gamers.nu
Pool 4
Pool 4
Firestrike Frag eXecutors
coru eSio.pro
hG EQUIPO39014914
Knutzi ESL_Sucks_Balls
CupCake mooops
Bonecracker. Frankfurt 69ers

The drawn players and teams from pool 1 will play against the drawn players and teams from pool 4. Teams and players from pool 2 will compete against teams and players from pool 3.

Check out the drawings for the second Qualification Round live on GIGA 2. The show starts at 19:30 o'clock (CET). Watch GIGA 2 and see it live!
sot3k, Monday, 12/11/07 21:50
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ExCiTiNg ... My bet is: three 4K will make it!

.. if they don't meet :S :)
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xD grubby ger ftw :D
Hope Knutzi gets an elf
seedings = joke
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hm i've found just single mistake in seedings - i guess it would be better to kick Knoff off from poo1 into pool 2 and get Zeus19 into pool 1.
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