Yet another last chance cup for Quake Live
It's been a while since the last last chance cups took place. Due to the withdrawal of Magnus 'fox' Olsson we can't do otherwise but hold a new one. The Swedish duel star decided to drop from the current Intel Extreme Masters season, which leads to a missing player in group F of the European Championship. Now six players have the chance to get this slot on Sunday.
Since all possible successors are already used, we have to find a new one. There are six participants of both original last chance cups left, who didn't make it into the groupstage. On Sunday these six players will determine fox's replacement in our Quake Live Last Last Last Chance Qualifier.

Last Last Last Chance Qualifier Participants

Good luck!

Update: First of all, Level Up TV will live stream the matches for this qualifier. Secondly, since we found out that DAXIO is only 14 years of age, we have to replace him. A replacement will be found in #2 of this last last chance cup.
otacon, Friday, 29/10/10 17:57
Last Last Last Chance Qualifier
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What a shame, that daxio can´t compete! :(
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