Dubai's 5th and 6th no other than Vitriolic.pl and MYM
The two latest additions to the Global Challenge in Dubai come in terms of Polish Vitriolic and Swedish MeetYourMakers. It will be the first tournament for both teams playing with their new name. Recently parts of Begrip joined together with ex-SK zet to reopen the MeetYourMakers CS squad. Four days before that Vitriolic signed the former Wicked team which used to play for MYM a while ago.
MYM's Swedish players will make their Intel Extreme Masters offline debut, apart from jumpy and zet, who attended CeBIT 2009 playing for lag-blank and SK. Unlike the new MYM-team Neo and Co from Poland can look back to a very successful Intel Extreme Master's history being champion of season one and runner-up of season three.

Dubai teams #5 and #6: MYM and former MYM: Vitriolic

Rage Vitriolic
    Filip 'Neo' Kubski
    Łukasz 'LUq' Wnęk
    Wiktor 'taz' Wojtas
    Mariusz 'mnk' Cybulski
    Jakub 'kuben' Gurczyński

Global Challenge Dubai Counter-Strike Participants

SK Gaming
Moscow Five

Intel Extreme Masters Dubai
Dates: October 17th-24th
Prize Pool: $31,500
Games: Quake Live, Counter-Strike
Venue: Gitex Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo, Dubai, UAE
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Global Challenge Dubai
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