1,000 CS:GO beta keys at the World Championship!
Take a chance, watch awesome matches and grab a key!
For all eSports fans who are going to join us at CeBIT 2012, to celebrate the World Championship of the Intel Extreme Masters, we have got something very special for you from Valve. We will have 1,000 beta keys and some merchandise for the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for you to grab!

400 keys up for grabs at the CS Stage

During the World Championship 2012 we will have individual stages for all three games of the Intel Extreme Masters. All fans at CS stage will have the chance every day to win keys. So if you are Counter-Strike fan and would love to get your hands on the beta sooner rather than later, just watch the games at CeBIT, enjoy one of the best Counter-Strike tournament line-ups ever and you will have the chance to get into the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta within the next week!

500 keys at ESL Login counter

There are another 500 keys waiting for users that login at the ESL Login counter to grab the Event Award. Look out for the booth if you visit the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. Also keep in mind that this is first come, first served. So we will most likely don't have keys for users loging in after the first day of CeBIT.

Update: Especially for the visitors during the weekend we changed the way of raffling this keys. All log ins at the ESL Counter will go to one pool from which we will draw the winners right after the event. All the lucky visitors will get their keys via e-mail on the weekend!

100 keys to be raffled

Every day, around 15:00 CET, we will host the big daily raffle at our main stage. Beside tonnes of nice prizes, merchandise and give aways we will also be giving out CS:GO beta keys every day at CeBIT. So drop by, have a good time watching some games and with a bit of luck, go home with your own beta key!
Soodi, Wednesday, 29/02/12 11:33
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wow a lot of keys, nice news
nice nwes!!
niceeee :D
nice nice :))
How do i get one?
cool : )
i want key
I Want key!
Хочу ключ
CS GO --> The best Game
I need a beta key
Need key :D
Don't be beta. :D
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