eHome advances ahead of iG.
Group A of the League of Legends tournament saw a three-way-tie between SK Gaming, eHome and iG. According to the rules at the Intel Extreme Masters, SK and eHome advanced.
The reason to this was explained by admin David Shawn Kugelmann:

In case of a tie between two or more teams in the groupstage the time coefficient will be used to determine which team advances. The time coefficient is determined by adding the duration of all losses and subtracting the duration of all wins of all tied teams among each other. This rewards fast wins and long losses.

The time coefficient of iG was exactly 1 minute and 53 seconds worse than eHome's. That's why they are out of the tournament.
meth, Monday, 03/10/11 09:54
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What was SK's exact time coefficient?
so a team that camps nexus turrets instead of accepting that they lost is rewarded? wtf, what a shit rule....
feel sad for iG
That's not sad, just bad play to not finish early.
the title should be SK advances instead of iG. how about computate K/D ratios? Much better system than time. Who was the genius who came up with the time rule? Must be one of the most unreasonable tie breaker computation method of all time. Whereas kills / death can breakdown into a point system and players have more control of, time of a match teams cannot control. I really wanted iG to advance. Thought they were more fun to watch than SK.
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