XlorD qualified for Guangzhou
XlorD faced HasuObs on Sunday to determine who would replace MaNa from Poland and secure a spot at the Global Challenge Guangzhou in October.
The match started out on Tal'darim Altar where XlorD took the lead but HasuObs equalized the score on Shattered Temple for a third and deciding map. On Terminus SE XlorD was able to secure his win with 2:1 and thus his spot at the GC Guangzhou. The other qualified European players for the event are Strelok, dimaga and elfittaja.

Earlier this week MaNa had to cancel his participation at the event which lead to the replacement match as both players had placed 3/4th in the qualifier where MaNa had originally won his spot.

The Global Challenge Guangzhou will take place from the 1-5th of October at the Ani-Com & Games. The StarCraft 2 tournament will feature a $21,000 prize pool.
meth, Monday, 12/09/11 12:10
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