CLG and PuMa are Cologne's Champion!
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[7:44pm] Gamescom officially closed almost two hours ago and with both tournaments finished it is time to drop the curtain and thank you to all spectators and visitors of our ESL booth at gamescom and ESL TV.

[7:38pm] PuMa just managed to do something only one single other player was able to achieve here at gamescom, winning a map against Old LO MC. Major difference: PuMa did it three times and is therefore Cologne's champion. However, you guys voted Old LO MC to get the 'Sick Nerd Baller' award.

[6:20pm] With presenting the trophies and checks to the League of Legends winners, the most valuable player was announced, too. George 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis is not only Intel Extreme Masters first winner of a LoL Global Challenge with his team, but also the MVP of gamescom! By the way, gamescom closed its gates, but keep going with StarCraft II Grand Final no matter what.

[6:05pm] That took some doing, but the first champion of Cologne is known. Counter Logic Gaming was uninhibited by TSM stealing their Nidalee and destroyed TSM's Nexus after a long, very close map as well as a shocking disconnect, which was fortunately solved.

[4:30pm] Due to some technical issues we will do the main raffle at our booth now and will continue with map 3 afterwards.

[4:10pm] Final map here at the LoL Grand Final. TSM didn't ban Hotshot's Nidalee and they did it on purpose. The whole crowd cheered and applauded very loud, when suddenly Solomid used their first pick to ensure Nidalee won't in the hands of Hotshot.

Lineups Map #3:
CLG: Cho'Gath - Urgot - Nocturne - Vladimir - Soraka
TSM: Caitlyn - Gangplank - Udyr - Nidalee - Sona
Bans: Ashe, Kogmaw, Orianna, Alistar, Zilean

[4:05pm] It took five maps to determine the third place of the StarCraft II tournament. In the end MaNa from Poland managed to win the most important map, the fifth one, which makes him number 3 here in Cologne.

[3:10pm] Second map between all-time rivals CLG and TSM is live now. If Solomid wins this game, they are the champions of Global Challenge Cologne.

Lineups Map #2:
CLG: Galio - Kogmaw - Lee Sin - Zilean - Soraka
TSM: Annie - Fiddlesticks - Irelia - Ashe - Sona
Bans: Udyr, Nidalee, Gangplank, Orianna, Jax, Alistar

[2:45pm] All StarCraft II fans should switch to Stage 2 stream. The game for third place with MaNa and Socke will start now.

[2:30pm] Are you ready to watch one team becoming the first champion of the new Intel Extreme Masters season? We are! Our American teams picked their champions, Reginald surprised the audience by choosing AP Janna Mid.

Lineups Map #1:
CLG: Irelia - Alistar - Kogmaw - Nocturne - Janna
TSM: Cho'Gath - Gangplank - Annie - Caitlyn - Sona
Bans: Udyr, Nidalee, Fiddlesticks, Orianna, Jax, Zilean

[1:10pm] FnaticRaidCall wins the game for third place becoming the best European team at Global Challenge Cologne. head over to the mainstage stream now, as the LoL grand final featuring CLG and TSM will start soon.

[12:50am] The third and final map is live now on Stage 2 stream.

Lineups Map #3:
[M]: Amumu - Gragas - Sona - Tristana - Sion
fnatic: Soraka - Nocturne - Urgot - Anivia - Akali
Bans: Lee Sin, Brand, Irelia, Orianna, Gangplank, Alistar

[11:40am] After a short break the second map of Millenium vs. fnatic is about to start. Due to losing the first map fnatic now needs to win two maps, the five Frenchmen of Millenium only one more map.

Lineups Map #2:
[M]: Zilean - Sona - Jax - Cho'Gath - Kogmaw
fnatic: Gragas - Gangplank - Soraka - Swain - Urgot
Bans: Lee Sin, Brand, Irelia, Orianna, Amumu, Alistar

[10:50am] After four days of groupstage matches, quarter and semi finals, we will finally get determine the champions of Global Challenge Cologne. League of Legends starts with the game for the third place right now followed by the all-American grand final later on.

Lineups Map #1:
[M]: Karthus - Soraka - Jax - Nocturne - Tristana
fnatic: Janna - Urgot - Zilean - Gangplank - Rumble
Bans: Lee Sin, Brand, Irelia, Orianna, Jax, Alistar
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