August 17th - 21st
Messeplatz 1
Hall 9
50679 Cologne
Travel and accomodation
Official Website
Tournament System
StarCraft II
Four Groups of Four (Bo3)
Top 2 advance to Playoffs
Playoffs Single Elimination (Bo5)
Top 2 qualify for World Championship

League of Legends
Two Groups of Four (Bo1)
Top 2 advance to Playoffs
Playoffs Single Elimination (Bo3)
Top 2 qualify for World Championship
Prize Money Overview
StarCraft II ($21,000)
1st PuMa - $6,500
2nd MC - $3,300
3rd MaNa - $1,750
4th Socke - $1,250
5th-8th mOOnGLaDe - $800
5th-8th Nerchio - $800
5th-8th SeleCt - $800
5th-8th Kas - $800
9th-12th Stephano - $650
9th-12th Tarson - $650
9th-12th Killer - $650
9th-12th Beastyqt - $650
13th-16th SaSe - $600
13th-16th HuK - $600
13th-16th DieStar - $600
13th-16th KiLLeR - $600

League of Legends ($32,000)
1st CLG - $12.000
2nd Team Solomid - $6,000
3rd fnatic - $3,400
4th Millenium - $2,400
5th-6th SK Gaming - $2,100
5th-6th Alternate - $2,100
7th-8th Frag eXecutors - $2,000
7th-8th myRevenge - $2,000

Opening Hours
10:00 - 20:00 CET
10:00 - 20:00 CET
09:00 - 20:00 CET
09:00 - 18:00 CET
Thursday and Friday*:
Day Ticket
Day Ticket Reduced**
Saturday and Sunday*:
Day Ticket
Day Ticket Reduced**
Event Ticket:

* Prepaid Tickets
** Students
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CLG and PuMa are Cologne's Champion!
21.08.2011 11:05
Live updates, pictures, scores and more

[7:44pm] Gamescom officially closed almost two hours ago and with both tournaments finished it is time to drop the curtain and thank you to all spectators and visitors of our ESL booth at gamescom and ESL TV.

[7:38pm] PuMa just managed to do something only one single other player was able to achieve here at gamescom, winning a map against Old LO MC. Major difference: PuMa did it three times and is therefore Cologne's champion. However, you guys voted Old LO MC to get the 'Sick Nerd Baller' award.

[6:20pm] With presenting the trophies and checks to the League of Legends winners, the most valuable player was announced, too. George 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis is not only Intel Extreme Masters first winner of a LoL Global Challenge with his team, but also the MVP of gamescom! By the way, gamescom closed its gates, but keep going with StarCraft II Grand Final no matter what.

[6:05pm] That took some doing, but the first champion of Cologne is known. Counter Logic Gaming was uninhibited by TSM stealing their Nidalee and destroyed TSM's Nexus after a long, very close map as well as a shocking disconnect, which was fortunately solved.

[4:30pm] Due to some technical issues we will do the main raffle at our booth now and will continue with map 3 afterwards.

[4:10pm] Final map here at the LoL Grand Final. TSM didn't ban Hotshot's Nidalee and they did it on purpose. The whole crowd cheered and applauded very loud, when suddenly Solomid used their first pick to ensure Nidalee won't in the hands of Hotshot.

Lineups Map #3:
CLG: Cho'Gath - Urgot - Nocturne - Vladimir - Soraka
TSM: Caitlyn - Gangplank - Udyr - Nidalee - Sona
Bans: Ashe, Kogmaw, Orianna, Alistar, Zilean

[4:05pm] It took five maps to determine the third place of the StarCraft II tournament. In the end MaNa from Poland managed to win the most important map, the fifth one, which makes him number 3 here in Cologne.

[3:10pm] Second map between all-time rivals CLG and TSM is live now. If Solomid wins this game, they are the champions of Global Challenge Cologne.

Lineups Map #2:
CLG: Galio - Kogmaw - Lee Sin - Zilean - Soraka
TSM: Annie - Fiddlesticks - Irelia - Ashe - Sona
Bans: Udyr, Nidalee, Gangplank, Orianna, Jax, Alistar

[2:45pm] All StarCraft II fans should switch to Stage 2 stream. The game for third place with MaNa and Socke will start now.

[2:30pm] Are you ready to watch one team becoming the first champion of the new Intel Extreme Masters season? We are! Our American teams picked their champions, Reginald surprised the audience by choosing AP Janna Mid.

Lineups Map #1:
CLG: Irelia - Alistar - Kogmaw - Nocturne - Janna
TSM: Cho'Gath - Gangplank - Annie - Caitlyn - Sona
Bans: Udyr, Nidalee, Fiddlesticks, Orianna, Jax, Zilean

[1:10pm] FnaticRaidCall wins the game for third place becoming the best European team at Global Challenge Cologne. head over to the mainstage stream now, as the LoL grand final featuring CLG and TSM will start soon.

[12:50am] The third and final map is live now on Stage 2 stream.

Lineups Map #3:
[M]: Amumu - Gragas - Sona - Tristana - Sion
fnatic: Soraka - Nocturne - Urgot - Anivia - Akali
Bans: Lee Sin, Brand, Irelia, Orianna, Gangplank, Alistar

[11:40am] After a short break the second map of Millenium vs. fnatic is about to start. Due to losing the first map fnatic now needs to win two maps, the five Frenchmen of Millenium only one more map.

Lineups Map #2:
[M]: Zilean - Sona - Jax - Cho'Gath - Kogmaw
fnatic: Gragas - Gangplank - Soraka - Swain - Urgot
Bans: Lee Sin, Brand, Irelia, Orianna, Amumu, Alistar

[10:50am] After four days of groupstage matches, quarter and semi finals, we will finally get determine the champions of Global Challenge Cologne. League of Legends starts with the game for the third place right now followed by the all-American grand final later on.

Lineups Map #1:
[M]: Karthus - Soraka - Jax - Nocturne - Tristana
fnatic: Janna - Urgot - Zilean - Gangplank - Rumble
Bans: Lee Sin, Brand, Irelia, Orianna, Jax, Alistar

Final matches at Global Challenge Cologne
21.08.2011 08:10
Watch the final matches wherever you are on www.esl.tv

Eight teams came to Cologne for the first ever Intel Extreme Masters League of Legends tournament. Among them were the American top contenders Team Solomid and Counter Logic Gaming and they showed everyone their strength. After the group stage and semi finals they will meet each other tomorrow in the final, leaving the European teams no chance in the process. Who will be the first League of Legends tournament winner at the Intel Extreme Masters and who will be the best team American team? We will find out tomorrow.

09:50 CEST / 02:50 PST / 05:50 EST / 16:50 HKT
Game for 3rd Place: Millenium vs. fnatic

13:00 CEST / 06:00 PST / 09:00 EST / 20:00 HKT
Grand Final: Team SoloMid vs. Counter Logic Gaming

The two Korean players MC and PuMa have arrived where they were expected: In the final. MC is one of the biggest names in the StarCraft II world with a lot of tournament wins to his name and a lot of fans due to his play and personality. Many expect him to win the event easily but his rival in the final knows how to stop him. PuMa faced him recently in the NASL final and won, making him a more than worthy opponent for this final and re-match. While not as famous as MC, his skills are in no way behind. It will be a final of epic proportions tomorrow for the first stop of the 2011/2012 Intel Extreme Masters.

To watch any of those games simply tune in at www.esl.tv!

14:40 CEST / 07:40 PST / 10:40 EST / 21:40 HKT
Game for 3rd Place: Socke vs. MaNa

17:30 CEST / 10:30 PST / 13:30 EST / 00:30 HKT
Grand Final: PuMa vs. MC

Vote for the MVP's of Global Challenge Cologne
20.08.2011 18:48
Gamescom's Most Valuable Player

For the first time in Intel Extreme Masters history we will let you determine the most valuable and most impressive players of each tournament.

Update: Polls still running: Vote for your favorite now!

Due to some technical difficulties the polls had been deactivated over night. They are back on now and you can vote for your favorite player again!


Six StarCraft II players are nominated for the award for either impressing in their matches and dominating their opponents or for showing off something unique, special and impressive. A true Nerd Baller does not always win, but he will always be able to earn appreciation and win over the community.

I CARRIED GAMESCOM - League of Legends

Twelve League of Legends players were nominated for their outstanding performances in the Cologne Global Challenge, or for the most stylish players that took part in the competition.

The voting closes before the final of the respective game so that we are able to award the Sick Nerd Baller or the Carry player when we give out the checks and trophies to the winners on Sunday.

Now it is all in your hands. You will decide who gets the title of the Sick Nerd Baller and who Carried Gamescom. The winners will be honoured live on stage on Sunday.

Vote for SCII MVP Vote for LoL MVP
Votes will close, as soon as the respective final starts on Sunday.

You need to login with your ESL account or your Facebook-Login to participate.

Prizes for MVP of SCII and LoL
Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU
Intel Motherboard
Intel SSD
BenQ XL2410T Display
Exclusive, unique MVP Hoodie

Saturday is semi finals day!
20.08.2011 13:48
Live updates, pictures, scores and more

[5:45] We are back with Intel Extreme Masters. Tune in to our Main Stream and watch the last semi final of today with FnaticRaidCall and Team SoloMid.

[3:05] Thousands of spectators cheered for their German representative when he entered the stage. It turned out this was the only highlight for Socke as he then had to learn another lesson of Do not mess with Koreans and lost three maps in a row, which leads to another all-Korean final. Catch a break, switch to Stage 2 Stream broadcasting the EMS LoL final or enjoy our World of Tanks showmatch. We will be back with our last Intel Extreme Masters match for today later with TSM and fnatic.

[2:00] There are so many people in here gamescom closed the gates and they do not let people in! Have a look at the energie³ ESL Arena.

(Full resolution with 3320x535px)

[1:49pm] While the second StarCraft II semi final with Socke and PuMa will start in a few minutes at the main stage, all LoL fans should tune in to Stage 2 Stream, where SK Gaming and Team Solomid are determining the EMS VIII Champion.

[1:42pm] Unbelievable! Old LO MC advances to tomorrow's final still being almost undefeated on all maps he played here at gamescom. His recent 3:0 against MaNa was his 11th map in a row. The one single map loss he had so far, happened in his first match against KiLLeR. The Chilean achieved no further map win later one.

[12:35am] Loch Ness Cho'Gath was the better choice for Counter Logic Gaming's Hotshot unlike the previous one, where he picked Gentleman Cho'Gath and lost to Millenium. We will now switch to StarCraft II with MC and MaNa. LoL will be back later.

[11:50am] Millenium did good with banning Jax and Nidalee. Despite having up to 12.000 gold less than CLG, they managed to turn the game back in their favour and tied the game, which will be decided on the final and third map.

Lineups Map #2:
[M]: Alistar - Ashe - Irelia - Cassiopeia - Trundle
CLG: Cho'Gath - Zilean - Kogmaw - Nocturne - Sona
Bans: Nidalee, Gangplank, Orianna, Lee Sin, Brand, Jax

[10:48am] After losing the first map, Millenium now bans another champion of HotshotGG's repertoire. Almost every team denied him to play his famous Nidalee, Millenium also banned Jax this time.

Lineups Map #2:
[M]: Soraka - Ashe - Lee Sin - Brand - Trundle
CLG: Cho'Gath - Annie - Caitlyn - Alistar - Fiddlesticks
Bans: Nidalee, Gangplank, Orianna, Udyr, Zilean, Jax

[9:50am] Welcome to the fourth day of the Global Challenge Cologne taking place at gamescom, Germany. We are just about to start our first of four semi finals. Both League of Legends semis will feature a battle of two rival continents: America and Europe represented by Millenium and Counter Logic Gaming in our first game. Please note: From now on LoL will be played in Best of Three.

Lineups Map #1:
[M]: Amumu - Zilean - Alistar - Kogmaw - Anivia
CLG: Jax - Nocturne - Brand - Soraka - Caitlyn
Bans: Nidalee, Gangplank, Orianna, Udyr, Annie, Lee Sin

Gamescom Weekend HD Pass
19.08.2011 21:50
Gamescom in HD: Now only for €5,00

It'll be an exicting and thrilling weekend. Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Cologne's semi finals will start tomorrow. Therefore we are offering the Gamescom Weekend HD Pass, which allows you to watch all League of Legends and StarCraft II matches in High-Definition for just €5,00 ($7,00). On top of that you can rewatch all available VoD's of the recent tournament days in HD, too.

Schedule for Saturday

09:10 - Millenium vs. CL Gaming
11:55 - MC vs. MaNa
13:00 - SK Gaming vs. Team SoloMid (EMS Final)
13:10 - Socke vs. PuMa
16:55 - fnatic vs. Team SoloMid
17:00 - Kas vs. Strelok (ESET Final)
All dates are CEST - Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Schedule for Sunday

09:50 - Game for 3rd Place
13:00 - Final
14:40 - Game for 3rd Place
17:30 - Final
Get your Gamescom HD Pass now

(You'll get immediately access to ESL TV's HD stream for Gamescom 2011)

It's Friday, Friday, Friday here at gamescom
19.08.2011 10:17
Live updates, pictures, scores and more

[7:46pm] In today's last match MaNa managed to reach the round of four. Tomorrow we will get one step closer the gamescom's champions. All four semi finals of League of Legends and StarCraft II will be played. Cu tomorrow!

[6:30pm] Group A's last KiLLeR is still the only one in the entire tournament, who won a map against Old LO MC. Korea's dreaded Protoss moves the tomorrow's semis after defeating SeleCt 3 0, where he will meet the winner of today's last match MaNa vs. mOOnGLaDe .

[5:09pm] The third win for Counter Logic Gaming in their group implies not only the first place of group B, but also to absolve tomorrow's first game at 09:10 CEST against Millenium. SK vs. Frag eXe needs still to be played, but that won't happen on the stream unfortunately. We are back in a few minutes with StarCraft II.

[3:35pm] With Counter Logic Gaming winning over SK Gaming all playoff participants are known, although two matches have still to be played. SK is eliminated, but will be seen tomorrow again in the final of the ESL Major Series VIII, which will be played live here at gamescom. If CLG want to avoid meeting their fellow-countrymen from Solomid in their first playoff match, they have to win against fnatic now.

[2:30pm] Another Eastern European player leaves the playoffs. PuMa made short shrift of Socke had a bad start losing the first map on Tal Darim Altar to Kas. After that he avoided to do any more mistakes and went to a straight three map win series becoming the first semi finalist to be known. Next match will be Nerchio vs. PuMa , while LoL action continues on Stage 2 stream with fnatic and Frag eXecutors.

[11:55am] After a long, close and very intense match fnatic came out on top with most of their damage coming from LaMiaZeaLoT, who played an amazing Tristana. We will now Socke vs. Kas in the first playoff match here in Cologne, while League of Legends will continue on Stage 2 stream.

[11:00am] Finally the first LoL match is live. As expected we won't see either Shushei's Gragas nor WickD's Irelia, since the respective opponent banned them. Nevertheless this match will be very important for group B's outcome.
SK: Udyr (WetDreaM) / Lee Sin (Wickd) / Soraka (Nyph) / Ashe (Candy Panda) / Anivia (ocelote)
fnatic: Amumu (Cyanide) / Brand (Shushei) / Janna (Mellisan) / Annie (xPeke) / Tristana (LaMiaZeaLoT)
Bans: Nocturne, Irelia, Gangplank, Nidalee, Gragas, Orianna

[10:10am] Fun, fun, fun, that's what Friday is! And this Friday is all about the StarCraft II Quarter Finals as well as group B of our League of Legends tournament with SK Gaming, fnatic, Frag eXecutors and CLG from America. Now head over to ESL TV and join the show, as we will start any minute.

Day 2 at gamescom - SC2 Playoffs determined
18.08.2011 15:13
Live updates, pictures, scores and more

Check the Schedule for times and streaming

[7:41pm] With Alternate winning over myRevenge the second day here at gamescom is over. This won't have any further consequences, since both of them lost their previous two matches against Team Solomid and Millenium. CU tomorrow with StarCraft II's quarter finals and LoL's group B.

[7:15pm] While the last League of Legends matches are running, we want to present tomorrow's quarter finals for StarCraft II.

[6:39pm] All StarCraft II matches are finished, which means all playoff participants have been determined. Each group winner will face random a second placed player of another group. The drawings will be done in approximately 30 minutes.

[5:40pm] Group B has a winner. Although two matches haven't been played yet, Nerchio remains first no matter what. On the other side, HuK won't able to get any better than fourth place, even if he beats Nerchio now.

[5:22pm] Next match on the main stage will decide, who takes the first and second spot in group D. PuMa or MaNa?

[5:05pm] TSM strikes again. Almost! Reginald and his teammates are right in their second game against the other German team and it will most certainly be their second win, as the almost no tower left for Alternate after 27 minutes.
TSM: Zilean (Reginald) / Tristana (Chaox) / Udyr (TheRainMan) / Gangplank (TheOddOne) / Alistar (Xpecial)
Atn: Janna (Lycades) / Caitlyn (CedeoCedeo) / Olaf (CedeoCedeo) / Anivia (CedeoCedeo) / Udyr (CedeoCedeo)
Bans: Ashe, Amumu, Nidalee, Orianna, Brand, Nocturne

[4:25pm] Despite losing the first map against Stephano, PuMa came back, tied the series and won the final and third map, which his his second victory in group D.

[3:37pm] We've got two new results for you of the SC2 and LoL match, you weren't able to follow. MaNa won against SaSe, Millenium made its second victory versus myRevenge e.V..

[3:15pm] CeBIT's best non-Korean mOOnGLaDe just won against Team EG's newest addition HuK. Replays will follow very soon.

[2:50pm] If you wonder which items were bought in the recent (and upcoming) League of Legends matches, head over to Riot's Coverage. There are detailed match reports including a screenshot of the scores.

[2:34pm] In order to deal with the delay caused by the previous main stage program, the upcoming SC2 match featuring Stephano and PuMa will move to the Stage 2 Stream. Furthermore we also won't show SaSe vs MaNa and Millenium vs myRevenge to cope with the delay coming from non-Intel Extreme Masters factors. Sorry for the delay, guys.

[2:00pm] Nerchio wins his first game with 2 0 against fellow/countryman Tarson in group C. The next groupmatch will be mOOnGlaDe vs HuK! Tune in at Stage 2 Stream.

[1:30pm] There wasn't a real chance for myRevenge. Despite having a small advantage with frags in mid game, Solomid was able to consistently pressurize the Germans, which resulted in an undisputed win.

[12:19am] The American LoL stars from Team Solomid are now starting their first match here at gamescom. They will face myRevenge, which replaced the Asian team Aoen.

TSM: Brand (Reginald) / Tristana (Chaox) / Udyr (TheRainMan) / Lee Sin (TheOddOne) / Alistar (Xpecial)
myR: Annie (biggy) / Caitlyn (Cerberus) / Amumu (Cerberus) / Irelia (Spieler123456) / Janna (BrainquicheINC)
Bans: Ashe, Orianna, Nidalee, Fiddlesticks, Gangplank, Nocturne

[11:51am] First results are here. Millenium played the Germans from Alternate into the ground as seen on ESL TV's Stage 2 Stream. What you couldn't see, was another French losing his game. In group C's first match Stephano lost to MaNa 2:1.

[11:10am] The first official League of Legends match as a main title of the Intel Extreme Masters is live. Millenium takes on Team ALTERNATE in group A. All groupstage matches are best of one, but we will switch to best of three in the playoffs.

[M]: Lee Sin (ShLaYa) / Irelia (sOAZ) / Annie (Linak) / Taric (Kujaa) / Caitlyn (Linak)
Atn: Soraka (Lycades) / Vayne (CedeoCedeo) / Olaf (CedeoCedeo) / Lux (CedeoCedeo) / Udyr (CedeoCedeo)
Bans: Nidalee, Gangplank, Amumu, Orianna, Anivia, Nocturne

[9:50am] Today gamescom opens for all visitors and we expect a large crowd to visit hall 9. Finally the League of Legends tournament gets started, while StarCraft II will see the decisions in group C and D. Be sure to check ESL TV's Stage 2 Stream, since we will start with a German tournament at the Main Stage firstly.

SC2 and LoL Shirts available now
18.08.2011 15:12
Get your shirt right here!

Many of you asked, where you can buy the shirts our mods are wearing on the stream. Originally, the shirts were limited to our offline shop here at gamescom. Due to the large demand, we made them available for purchase in our ESL Shop as well.

Head over to the ESL Shop and show everbody your favorite race, strat or role!

StarCraft II Terran T-Shirt "3 Rax Allin"
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Highlight-Video and more Interviews
18.08.2011 10:12
Watch it!

Our host Dennis 'TaKe' Gehlen made some interviews with yesterday's participating StarCraft II players as well as two new faces from ESL TV. Enjoy these videos, while you're waiting for the next match to begin.

Interview with our field reporter KellyMILKIES
Interwith with Tarson
Interwith with DieStar
Interwith with Kas and Beastyqt
Interwith with our new caster MrBitter

MC, Kas, Socke & SeleCt advance to playoffs
17.08.2011 11:44
Live updates, pictures, scores and more

Check the Schedule for times and streaming

[7:30pm] Socke won over SeleCT, so both advance to the Quarter Finals from Group B. Earlier MC and Kas advanced from Group A. Goodbye and cu tomorrow morning again for Day 2 of the Global Challenge Cologne. We hope to see many of you live at the event.

[5:54pm] Kas wins his last match in the group and takes the 2nd spot in behind Old LO MC, who won all of his matches including his last one against KiLLeR. Group B|s deciding matches will be next.

[4:31pm] We've uploaded the fist load of pictures to our GC Cologne Gallery. Check it out for photos of the players, our booth at gamescom and more.

[3:52pm] We changed the schedule slightly so you don't have to wait long for the next match. In a few minutes Killer and Beastyqt facing eachother at our main stream, while DieStar and SeleCT will do so on stream B at the same time.

[3:20pm] In the biggest match up so far Old LO MC showed why he is one of the best in the world, taking out Kas 2 0.

[2:54pm] Group B seems to get very close. In his second match Killer scored for the first time. Although Socke lost, he won at least one map, which could secure him a slot at the playoffs. Next match will feature group A's MC and Kas.

[2:04pm] Germany's only representative Socke pulled off the first 2:0 victory in the tournament against DieStar. That's a good starting position for a possible tie at the end of the groupstage and the map scores get taken into consideration.

[1:00pm] In the end KiLLeR lost his first groupstage match, despite a great perfomance facing the superior MC. With two more matches to come, he is still able to advance to the playoffs. In a few moments the first match of group B will be decided as well. The third and final map of Select and our Korean Killer also known as SangHo is going live right now.

[12:21am] The first replays are already available in the respective matches. If you don't like to get spoiled by the groupstage overview or the matchsheets, be sure to bookmark this news, where we will upload all StarCraft II replays without spoiling any results.

[12:00am] It won't be that easy for MC, that's for sure. In his first match ever outside of America KiLLeR from Chile managed to win a map against the Korean tieing the match. Shattered Temple will bring the final decision.

[11:30am] The first official match of the sixth' Intel Extreme Masters Season has ended. Kas scored the first points here at gamescom. Meanwhile the second match is already live starring the dreaded Korean Protoss Old LO MC.

Global Challenge Cologne starts now
17.08.2011 09:46
Intel Extreme Masters Season 6 is here

Today is the big day! The gamescom 2011 in Cologne has opened for trade visitors. During the first day a lot of action, entertainment and thrilling StarCraft 2 matches from the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Cologne are waiting for you. Tune in to ESL TV and watch all matches live. The first match to be played is Empire.Kas vs. Empire.Beastyqt and will start any minute.

Enjoy these matches in HD! For free!
16.08.2011 20:01
Enjoy ESL TV's HD Stream: Two matches for free!

Five days full of top-notch eSports action lie ahead of us. Five days full of top-notch eSports action in HD, if you have our gamescom HD Pass. You didn't? To give you an impression of how awesome our HD stream is, we asked you recently to vote for your favorite LoL and SC2 match of the groupstage, you want to see in HD quality for free! Results are here, so go and mark you calendars. The following matches will be streamed in HD quality at the free stream, so you don't need to switch the stream.

Free HD Match: Killer vs. Socke - Wed, 17/08/11 14:00 CEST
Free HD Match: Team Solomid vs. Millenium - Thu, 18/08/11 18:50 CEST

Get your Gamescom HD Pass now

(You'll get immediately access to ESL TV's HD stream for Gamescom 2011)

All StarCraft II replays - Spoiler free!
16.08.2011 18:38
Pick your player, pick your match!

We have never withhold the awesome replays our StarCraft II participants create in our tournaments and we won't at Global Challenge Cologne. You will get all replays of all matches in this news without any spoilers! As soon as a match has ended, we will upload the replays to the respective match and link all replays here.

You don't have to click on each match trying to ignore the score screen. Each match has three map links. If a match didn't need all three (or five at playoffs) maps, the remaining map links are empty. Download and watch them one by one, if you want to avoid any spoilers. Furthermore we will link all available VoDs. Please notice that some matches won't be streamed and therefore won't have a VoD. But most importantly: HD VoDs will be uploaded as soon as possible, while the free VoDs will follow 48 hours later. One more reason for our gamescom HD Pass. Have fun!

Grand Final

MC vs. PuMa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 / Map 4 / Map 5 VoD

Semi Final #1

MC vs. MaNa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 / Map 4 / Map 5 VoD

Quarter Final #1

MC vs. SeleCt
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3/ Map 4 / Map 5 VoD

Quarter Final #3

Socke vs. Kas
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3/ Map 4 / Map 5 VoD

Group A

Kas vs. Beastyqt
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
KiLLeR vs. MC
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
Kas vs. MC
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
KiLLeR vs. Beastyqt
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
MC vs. Beastyqt
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
Kas vs. KiLLeR
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD

Group C

Tarson vs. Nerchio
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
mOOnGLaDe vs. HuK
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
Tarson vs. HuK
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
mOOnGLaDe vs. Nerchio
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
Tarson vs. mOOnGLaDe
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
Nerchio vs. HuK
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD


Match for 3rd Place

Socke vs. MaNa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 / Map 4 / Map 5 VoD

Semi Final #2

Socke vs. PuMa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 / Map 4 / Map 5 VoD

Quarter Final #2

mOOnGLaDe vs. MaNa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3/ Map 4 / Map 5 VoD

Quarter Final #4

PuMa vs. Nerchio
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 / Map 4 / Map 5 VoD

Group B

Killer vs. SeleCt
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
DieStar vs. Socke
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
Killer vs. Socke
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
DieStar vs. SeleCt
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
Killer vs. DieStar
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
SeleCt vs. Socke
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD

Group D

Stephano vs. MaNa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
SaSe vs. PuMa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
Stephano vs. PuMa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
SaSe vs. MaNa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
PuMa vs. MaNa
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD
SaSe vs. Stephano
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 VoD

KilleR and myR replacing IdrA and Aeon
15.08.2011 17:51
Last minute replacements

Only two days before season 6 kicks off at gamescom we have to inform you about to replacements due to the cancellation of America's StarCraft II enfant terrible IdrA and Asia's LoL representative AEON.GreenPotion. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to get an Asian LoL replacement in time. Therefore the German myRevenge e.V. will take their place in Group A. Nevertheless, IdrA's substitute lives in America and was invited to the American qualifier for Cologne. Since TT1 and Fenix couldn't make it on such short notice, KiLLeR from Chile will replace him in Group A.

Pick your favorite match for Free HD
13.08.2011 15:40
Enjoy GC Cologne HD quality for €6,00/$8,00!

Next week we will celebrate top-notch StarCraft II and League of Legends with you at the Global Challenge Cologne! If you didn't get your Gamescom HD Pass by now and need to convince yourself of ESL TV's HD quality stream, there will be two great opportunities. You can now vote for your favorite StarCraft II and League of Legends groupstage match. The most voted match of each discipline will be broadcast in HD for free.

Which SC2 match should be broadcasted in HD on the free stream?
Which LoL match should be broadcasted in HD on the free stream?
(Polls will close on Monday 24:00 CET. You need to login with your ESL accout to participate.)

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The schedule: Five days of eSports in HD
12.08.2011 19:23
Don't miss your favorite games on ESL TV

Only one more week till we finally get to see the first official matches of the new Intel Extreme Masters Season. Global Challenge Cologne at gamescom will bring you a lot of matches which are way to many to be broadcasted on only one stream.

ESL TV will bring you the full load of eSports live from gamescom in HD on at least two different streams on ESL TV! Stream #1 will feature all matches on stage. Stream #2 will present almost all other Intel Extreme Masters matches, which will not take place at the stage. So you will even be able to see world's best SC2 and LoL action, while something German or trade fair-related takes place on stage. All two streams are available in HD, so you get even more HD with the ESL TV's gamescom HD pass!

To give you a full insight on when which games will be play on or off air and when your favorite teams are going to be on stage, we now present the schedule of Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Cologne.

The official schedule

What about the VoDs?

HD VoDs will be available shortly after each match. If you bought the ESL TV gamescom HD pass, you will be able to watch all matches even if you missed one while being at school, work or sleep. Nevertheless, we will still release Free VoDs, but this will happen with a 48 hour delay.

MarineKing gets replaced by MC
12.08.2011 13:33
MC revisits Europe

Unfortunately we have to replace one of our recently announced Korean invites for next week's Global Challenge Cologne. Old LO MarineKing won't be able to travel to Germany. Nevertheless, his substitute isn't less popular or successful.

Two-time GSL champion Old LO MC from SK Gaming and oGs is not only a great addition to our tournament, but will also even out the overall ratio of Protoss and Terran with 6 representatives each. MC won't be placed in group D. He will start in group A and PuMa moves to group D instead, to avoid having two groups with three players of one race. This was done in agreement with all affected players.

Group A
  Group B
  Group C
  Group D

MarineKing, HuK, PuMa, Killer & MaNa complete SC2
10.08.2011 16:07
StarCraft II's Groups at Global Challenge Cologne

Only seven days until Intel Extreme Masters will officially start into its sixth season at the Global Challenge Cologne. While all European, American, Chinese and South-East Asian players had been determined via qualifiers some weeks ago, four participants of the StarCraft II tournament were still unknown until now. It's time to raise the curtain, here are our invites from Korea, which resulted from a cooperation with the Korean GSL.

MarineKing is one of the best and most consistent Korean Terrans being the only one, who reached the GSL Finals three times. Next in the list of our Korean invites is NASL's first champion PuMa followed by Killer, an ambitious Protoss from Team SCV Life. Last but not least is a Non-Korean, who currently lives and plays in Korea. It's Canada's export hit HuK, winner of two big tournaments this summer: Dreamhack and HomeStory Cup #3.

Furthermore we had to replace the Chinese representative, which will be replaced by MaNa from Poland. With all participants known, we can now present the final groups for gamescom's tournament. The top two of each group will advance to a Single Elimination bracket, where Cologne's Champion will be determined.

Group A
  Group B
  Group C
  Group D
Old LO MarineKing

Gamescom HD Pass: Watch GC Cologne in HD
04.08.2011 14:24
Get your Gamescom HD Pass now!

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This is what you will get in HD from Gamescom

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Cologne
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ESL Pro Series Germany - 1st Intel Friday Night Game of Winter Season 2011
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gamescom's groups are here
25.07.2011 16:00
Tune in on ESL TV at 20:00 CET!

Today we will draw the groups of our first Global Challenge. Sixteen StarCraft II players and eight LoL teams will compete in groups of four for $53,000 and two slots each at the World Championship. ESL TV will broadcast the drawing today at 20:00 CET.

With SK Gaming, fnatic, Millenium, Adversa advancing from the European LoL Final on Saturday, all participants for gamescom's tournament are known except the four StarCraft II players from Korea. Each group will consist of one team or players of each of the following pools.

Update: The groups were drawn, so these teams and players will compete with eachother for the top two spots of each group to advance to the playoffs.

League of Legends
Group A: Millenium, Team SoloMid, AEON.GreenPotion, Team ALTERNATE
Group B: FnaticRaidCall, SK Gaming, CLG, Frag eXecutors

StarCraft II
Group A: Kas, Beastyqt, IdrA, Korean Invite
Group B: Socke, DieStar, SeleCT, Korean Invite
Group C: Tarson, Nerchio, mOOnGLaDe, Korean Invite
Group D: Stephano, SaSe, WE.Lovecd, Korean Invite

SK, fnatic & more in Europe's LoL Final on ESL TV
22.07.2011 16:32
League of European Legends

This Saturday the eight best League of Legends teams will meet to determine who is going to represent Europe at Global Challenge Cologne live on ESL TV. Four qualifiers have been hold, where four teams from West and another four teams from East/Nordic advanced to tomorrow's final. The top four teams coming out on top of the Double Elimination bracket will qualify for the main tournament at gamescom. Here they will compete with TSM and CLG from America, Aeon from Asia and Competo for $32,000 and two slots for the World Championship.

Round 1's Matches
23/07/11 16:00 CEST fnatic vs. unRestricted
23/07/11 16:00 CEST Gameburg Team vs. myRevenge
23/07/11 16:00 CEST SK Gaming vs. wood elo
23/07/11 16:00 CEST Adversa eSports vs. Millenium

All gamescom qualifiers finished (almost)!
18.07.2011 14:36
So, who's at gamescom?

One month to go until Intel Extreme Masters Season 6 takes off at gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Almost all qualifiers in America, Europe and Asia have been played by now. The European LoL final as well as the Korean StarCraft II invites are the only slots, which are still to be determined.

Global Challenge Cologne - StarCraft II Participants

Yesterday's third and final EU SC2 Qualifier determined the sixth, seventh and eighth European contender for Cologne's Global Challenge. One of them is Tarson, who underwent kind of an odyssey. He attended all three qualifiers and managed to advance to the semi finals in all of them. Unfortunately he managed to lose in all these semi finals, too. Since the third qualifier implied three instead of two slots, the Polish received a fourth chance in a decider match for the third place. He took this chance! IdrA and SeleCT will represent America, as they came out on top at the American Final. Stay tuned, as we will announce the Korean invites soon.

8 European Players 2 American Players 1 South-East Asian Player 1 Chinese Player 4 Korean Players
  • Invitees to be announced

Global Challenge Cologne - League of Legends Participants

Global Challenge Cologne will be League of Legends' first tournament as an official discipline of the Intel Extreme Masters. Eight teams from three continents will meet at Summoners Rift. America sends their all-star casts in the form of Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid. AEON.GreenPotion from Singapore will be the Asian team, who will challenge favourites from the West. The four remaining European teams will be determined in an European Final with teams such as SK Gaming and fnatic on July 23rd.

5 European Teams 2 American Teams 1 Asian Team

Watch European SC2 & American LoL
17.07.2011 15:35
Final qualifiers!

Right now, the final and third European StarCraft II Qualifier is live on ESL TV. Three more Europeans will qualify for gamescom's tournament. A few hours later America will see, which of their League of Legends teams will receive their tickets for Cologne, as the final matches will be played and aired.

European StarCraft Qualifier #3
17/07/11 14:00 CEST
Brackets - Stream: ESL TV

American LoL Final Qualifier
17/07/11 21:00 CEST
Brackets - Stream: NESL TV

mOOnGLaDe in Cologne
17.07.2011 14:30
South-East-Asia's Number 1

After a stunning perfomance at the World Championship 2010/11, he will be back in Germany this summer. In March mOOnGLaDe topped all Europeans and Americans at CeBIT and placed fourth. With his victory at the SEA Gamescom Qualifier, the Australian will travel again to Germany to mess with the international StarCraft II elite.

American Finals for Cologne starting
13.07.2011 18:57
Who will represent America at gamescom?

During the past few weeks sixteen StarCraft II players and fifteen LoL teams from America were else invited or qualified via three Go4SC2 and Go4LoL tournaments for the American Final. The top two of both disciplines will receive the American slots for season 6's first Global Challenge at gamescom, Cologne, Germany (August 17 - 21). Here are the participants and all the information you need to know.

American Final in StarCraft II


View Bracket
Round 1 WB - July 13th 8:00pm EST
Round 1 LB - July 13th 9:00pm EST

Round 2 WB Quarter Finals - July 14th 8:00pm EST
Round 2 LB - July 14th 9:00pm EST

Round 3 WB Semi Finals - July 15th, 8:00pm EST
Round 3 LB - July 15th 9:00pm EST
Round 4 LB Quarter Finals - July 15th 10:00pm EST

Round 5 LB Semi Finals - July 16th 8:00pm EST
Round 4 WB Finals - July 16th 9:00pm EST
Round 6 LB Finals - July 16th 10:30pm EST

American Final in League of Legends

Gum Cobblers
Team Dignitas
Team SoloMid
Its Gosu eSports
Team Curse

View Bracket
Butterfly United
Team Crackers
Korean Supremacy
 Round 1 WB - July 16th 1:00pm EST
Round 1 LB - July 16th 2:00pm EST

Round 2 WB Quarter Finals - July 16th 2:00pm EST
Round 2 LB - July 16th 3:00pm EST
Round 3 WB Semi Finals - July 16th, 4:00pm EST
Round 3 LB - July 16th 6:00pm EST
Round 4 WB Finals - July 16th 6:00pm EST

Round 4 LB Quarter Finals - July 17th 1:00pm EST
Round 5 LB Semi Finals - July 17th 2:00pm EST
Round 6 LB Finals - July 17th 3:00pm EST

SaSe, Nerchio qualified for gamescom & more
11.07.2011 18:30
Qualifiers coming to an end

America, Europe and Asia have seen a lof of qualifiers during the weekend. Almost all pre qualifiers are finished and it's time for the continental finals, where teams and players compete for the remaining Global Challenge Cologne slots. Here is an overview of what exactly happened, in case you missed something.

European Qualifiers

In StarCraft II, Nerchio and SaSe won the second qualifier and will follow Kas, DieStar and Socke to Cologne, as the European SC2 slots are distributed directly. Furthermore the first LoL tournaments took place. FnaticRaidCall and Millenium.LOL topped the West bracket, while Frag eXecutors and Reason Gaming.Go4LoL claimed top two in East. Next Saturday four more teams will qualify for the European Final, where four slots for gamescom are up for the grabs.

American Qualifiers

All participants of America's Final in StarCraft II and League of Legends are determined via their recent Go4- tournaments. Both of them will start this Wednesday. With the final matches played on Friday, we will know which two teams and players are going to represent America in Cologne. You can already check all fifteen LoL teams at the official bracket; the 16 StarCraft II players are listed here and in our qualification overview at the GC Cologne event page.

Asian Qualifiers

South-East-Asians StarCraft II slot will be determined on Friday and Saturday among eight participants from four Go4SC2 cups. iM Mafia, mOOnGLaDe, MiTHRedArchon, Shuffle, bosser and Ninja qualified via the recent three Go4SC2's, the final one takes place on Thursday. Flash.LoL, AEON.GreenPotion, VOiD.PH and Team Immunity made their way through the League of Legends qualifiers in Singapore/Malaysia:, Philipinnes and the rest of Asia. They will meet with four Chinese team to determine the Asian LoL slot for GC Cologne.

gamescom Qualifiers ongoing
10.07.2011 17:22
Watch StarCraft II and League of Legends

Today a lot of qualifiers for season 6's first event are taking place. Two European StarCraft II players will qualify for gamescom, while Americans will qualify for their final in StarCraft II and League of Legends. Right now, the second European StarCraft II Qualifier is live on ESL TV. Only a few hours later it's America's turn.

European StarCraft Qualifier #2
10/07/11 14:00 CEST
Brackets - Stream: ESL TV

American LoL Qualifier #3
time2011-07-10 15America/New_York:
Brackets - Stream: Overview

American StarCraft Qualifier #3
time2011-07-10 20America/New_York:
Brackets - Stream: Overview

Kas & DieStar in Cologne and more updates
04.07.2011 18:22
Gamescom Qualifiers get going!

Yesterday was the start of our worldwide qualification progress for Season 6's first event at Cologne's gamescom in Germany. DieStar and Kas managed to win the first European StarCraft II qualifier; Europe has two more qualifiers to come. Although there were qualifiers in America and South-East Asia as well, nobody qualified for GC Cologne directly yet.

Unlike Europe, players need to qualify for a regional final first, where the respective continental slots finally are determined. The top four of America's Go4SC2 #70 and Go4LoL #18 follows the already known invites into the American Final pool. Furthermore the fourth StarCraft II invitee is now known: last year's American Champion Fenix. Last but not least mOOnGLaDe, who placed fourth at our World Championship 2010-11, managed to qualify along with iM Mafia for the South-East Asian Final.

Due to the upcoming server split of the European LoL servers by Riot, we had to change the qualification system. All you need to know is explained in this news and to be seen at the overview on our Global Challenge Cologne website.

First gamescom Qualifiers on Sunday
01.07.2011 19:32
Cologne's first participants

Only a few days after announcing the new season of Intel Extreme Masters and its first event, the Global Challenge Cologne, we already get started. On Sunday, July 3rd, Europe will determine two StarCraft II players at the first IEM Qualifier. ESL TV's RotterdaM will cover the qualifier from start to finish, expect a very stacked grid and find out which star we will see in Cologne, Germany.

European StarCraft II Qualifier #1
Sun, 03/07/11 14:00 CEST live at ESL TV
Tournament Bracket
Top2 qualifies for Global Challenge Cologne

On the same day North America will hold one cup each for StarCraft II and League of Legends. Their Go4SC2 and Go4LoL Series will work as a qualifier, where the top4 will receive a spot for the American Final.

American StarCraft II Qualifier #1
Mon, 04/07/11 02:00 CEST - Streams will be listed here
Tournament Bracket
Top4 qualifies for American Final

American League of Legends Qualifier #1
Mon, 04/07/11 02:00 CEST - Streams will be listed here
Tournament Bracket
Top4 qualifies for American Final

Furthermore the invitees of the American Final have been announced. For League of Legends the 6 invites will be the Premier Playoff teams:
1. Team SoloMid
2. Counter Logic Gaming
3. Team Dignitas
4. compLexity
5. Team Curse
6. TeamLiquid

For Starcraft II the 4 invites will be as follows:
1. IdrA
2. SeleCT
3. KiLLeR
4. to be announced

How to qualify for Global Challenge at gamescom
29.06.2011 18:24
Your way to Cologne

With the announcement of Intel Extreme Master's first event in season 6, we'd like to share the details on how to qualify for both tournaments. From 17th to 21st of August we will hold a Global Challenge at gamescom, Germany. 16 StarCraft II players will compete for a World Championship slot and $21,000, while 8 LoL teams will battle it out for $32,000 and another World Championship slot.

Global Challenge Cologne

We will run several online qualifiers in Europe, America and Asia to determine most of the 24 participants for our very first event in season 6 starting this Sunday, July 3rd 2011. In StarCraft II four Korean top-notch players will be invited as well as the National Champions from the host nation Germany in both disciplines.

StarCraft II

7 European Players via Qualifier
2 American Players via Qualifier
4 Korean Invitees
1 Chinese Player via Qualifer
1 South-East Asian Player via Qualifier
Socke (National Champion of Host Nation)
  League of Legends

4 European Teams via Qualifier
2 American Teams via Qualifier
1 Asian Team via Qualifier
SK Gaming (National Champion of Host Nation)

Detailed information on how to qualify in your region will be available at the respective website.
ESL Europe - ESL America - ESL South-East Asia - ESL China

In Europe all participants will be determined directly via dedicated cups. Americans and Asians have to qualify via their Go4SC2 & Go4LoL Series or additional cups for an Regional Final, where they then determine their participants for our Global Challenge at gamescom.

European StarCraft II Qualifier
  • 2 IEM slots at Qualifier #1 - July 3rd 2011
  • 2 IEM slots at Qualifier #2 - July 10th 2011
  • 3 IEM (and replacement) slots at Qualifier #3 - July 17th 2011

  •   European LoL Qualifier
  • 2 IEM slots at Qualifier #1 - July 9th 2011
  • 2 IEM (and replacement) slots at Qualifier #2 - July 16th 2011

  • American StarCraft II Qualifier
  • 4 Invitees
  • 4 Qualification slots at Go4SC2 - July 3rd 2011
  • 4 Qualification slots at Go4SC2 - July 6th 2011
  • 4 Qualification slots at Go4SC2 - July 10th 2011
  • 2 IEM slots at American Final - July 13th - 16th 2011

  •   American LoL Qualifier
  • 6 Invitees
  • 4 Qualification slots at Go4LoL - July 3rd 2011
  • 4 Qualification slots at Go4LoL - July 10th 2011
  • 2 IEM slots at American Final - July 13th - 16th 2011
  • South-East Asian StarCraft II Qualifier
  • 4 Qualification slots via SEA Go4SC2 #11, #12, #13 & #14
  • 2 Qualification slots at Qualifier #1 - July 6th 2011
  • 2 Qualification slots at Qualifier #2 - July 12th 2011
  • 1 IEM slot at South-East Asian Final - July 13th

  • Chinese Asian StarCraft II Qualifier
  • to be announced
  •   Asian LoL Qualifier
  • 4 Qualification slots at Chinese Qualifier - to be announced
  • 2 Qualification slots at Singapore/Malaysia Qualifier - July 8th to 10th
  • 1 Qualification slots at Philipinnes Qualifier - July 8th to 10th
  • 1 Qualification slots at Rest of Asia Qualifier - July 8th to 10th
  • 1 IEM slot at Asian Final - July 16/17th

    Intel Extreme Masters season 6 kicks off at gamescom
    29.06.2011 17:08
    StarCraft II & LoL at gamescom 2011

    The sixth season of the Intel Extreme Masters, the global league of the video game champions, will take off with its first Global Challenge at gamescom 2011 in Cologne (August 17 - 21). The event will host the world's best gamers fighting for a share of 53,000 US Dollar and a slot in the World Championship competition, the grand finale of each season of the league.

    Gallery of gamescom 2010

    The competition at gamescom 2011 will be played in two disciplines. One of them is StarCraft II - a well established eSports title and an Intel Extreme Masters discipline in season 5. The second discipline is League of Legends, the newest addition to the Intel Extreme Masters.

    Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz, Director of Pro Leagues at Turtle Entertainment:
      "Last year's Intel Extreme Masters at gamescom was one of the best events we have ever had. We are thrilled to be coming back and we have every intention of making this year's event even better for the swarm of fans in the hall and on the streams."

    Intel Extreme Masters is a series of competitions for eSports champions from over 35 countries organised by Turtle Entertainment GmbH in cooperation with Intel. Live events are held in some of the world's major cities like Shanghai, Kiev or New York. Throughout the entire season the best professional gamers compete for a share of 635,000 US Dollars and the title of the World Champion.


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