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In memory of Antonio

We mourn the loss of one of the greatest Counter-Strike players of his generation. Antonio "cyx" Daniloski died in a car accident. He was 20 years old. Our deepest condolences go to his family, his friends and his team. If you like to send your condolences, please do so on the mousesports website (German).

China Joy
Shanghai New International Expo Center
#2345 Longyang Rd., Pudong distr.
Shanghai, China

29th of July - 1st of August 2010
Prize Money Overview
Counter-Strike ($40,000)
1st fnatic - $14.000
2nd Tyloo.raw - $7.000
3rd Na'Vi - $5.000
4th Tyloo - $3.500
5th/6th WMF - $2.750
5th/6th wNv - $2.750
7th/8th 9ez - $2.500
7th/8th IM - $2.500

DotA ($12,000)
1st EHOME - $5.000
2nd ToTeam - $2.500
3rd LGD - $1.300
4th Deity - $1.000
5th/6th Nirvana - $600
5th/6th DK - $600
7th/8th Bupt - $500
7th/8th QQQ - $500

Warcraft 3 ($5,000)
1st Lyn - $2.000
2nd ReMinD - $1.000
3rd Moon - $650
4th Grubby - $450
5th/6th Sky - $250
5th/6th th000 - $250
7th/8th Sai - $200
7th/8th Infi - $200

Shanghai Video Aftermath
02.08.2010 16:20

Global Challenge has successfully ended
01.08.2010 09:33
Winners, Losers and loads of pictures

The Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Shanghai is over. It was an immensely crowded event. All three games are very popular in China as are many of our players. The Global Challenge at ChinaJoy was a success. We saw an epic 2-day match between Na'Vi and fnatic and some very good DotA matchups.

These are the winners:

1st place: fnaticRC - $14,000
2nd place: Tyloo.raw - $7,000
3rd place: Natus Vincere - $5,000

1st place: Lyn - $2,000
2nd place: ReMinD - $1,000
3rd place: Moon - $650

1st place: EHOME - $5,000
2nd place: ToTeam - $2,500
3rd place: LGD - $1,300

Photos from the event

We have shot a lot of photos for you, split up into 4 different galleries including booth babes. Make sure to check out these shots.

Click on picture to view photos of players and tournament area.
Click on picture to view booth babe pictures.

Amazing start into the final day
01.08.2010 04:41
fnatic manage to win historic face-off against Na'Vi

What a match! Saturday, fnatic and Na'Vi showed no mercy with each other. After Na'Vi managed to turn the first map de_train around to a 16:14 win, the two teams tied on de_dust2. The game already lasted hours and went into overtime. When fnatic finally won the second map after the tiebreaker, ChinaJoy exhibition was already closed.

So the players and we, the audience, were faced with the first two day match in the history of eSports. And what a game it was in the end. After about an hour of warmup this Sunday morning, the teams went at it again on de_inferno.

Na'Vi managed to take pistol. And then the game constantly turned and turned. It was a real thriller to the end, when fnatic managed to beat Na'Vi by the closest possible margin 16:14 on the third map. Check out the pictures from right after the game. The tension that fell off fnatic is pulpable, as well as the utter despair of Na'Vi after losing to the newly reformed fnatic lineup.

This will be the duel that will dominate the season. We are very likely going to see them face off again in the European Championship a few months from now. These two are without doubt the best two teams in the world right now.

Girls, Girls, Girls
01.08.2010 02:59
Check out these booth babes

We've added a couple of pictures to our booth babes gallery. Definitely worth to check out.

All the highlights at one glance
31.07.2010 11:16
Win! Finals! Babes!

The third day of the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge is over. Tomorrow, you will not only see the final matches but also the continuation of the already historic face-off between fnatic and Na'Vi. Find out all about that here.

Who wins the tournaments and even more importantly: Which CS team will be first to qualify for the World Finals in 2011? Be sure to find out and tune in on ESL TV.

The Finals

01/08/10 03:00 Semi-Finals, third map Na'Vi vs. fnatic
01/08/10 03:30 Third Place Decider Deity vs. LGD
01/08/10 04:00 Third Place Decider ??? vs. Tyloo
01/08/10 04:00 Third Place Decider Moon vs. Grubby
01/08/10 05:00 Grand Final EHOME vs. ToTeam
01/08/10 06:30 Grand Final ReMinD vs. Lyn
01/08/10 07:00 Grand Final ??? vs. Tyloo.raw

You can win prizes easily!

Just read the instructions from our Comment Competition post and start right away. You'll have to post your comments before Sunday evening European time, so start right away!

Babes & Players

And while you're at it, make sure to check out our extensive galleries. You'll find pictures of all the stars in action. Also you can sneak a peek into how it looks like here in Shanghai or delve into a whole lot of booth babe coverage.

Historic occurence
31.07.2010 11:16
fnatic vs. Na'Vi will go into second day

For the first time ever in ESL's history, a Counter-Strike match will go over two days. The extremely tight match between fnaticRC and Natus Vincere started early in the afternoon. Na'Vi took the first map 16:14. The second map ended 15:15, forcing the teams in to overtime that fnatic won 6:3.

In a Eurosport interview right after the postponing of the game cArn admitted that it's the first time this has ever happened to him. The Swede called it their very own "Wimbledon".

The cancellation for today has to be put in place due to a strict regulation of closing hours at ChinaJoy. At exactly 5.30pm local time, the power in all halls is switched off until the next morning.

The game will continue as soon as ChinaJoy opens tomorrow, at 9am Chinese time, 3am European summer time.

Day 3 in Shanghai
31.07.2010 04:01
Updates from the venue

[1:37pm] With Tyloo.raw and ReMinD, two more participants have advanced to the final matches. The rest of the day is now about finding their opponents for tomorrow.

[12:20pm] As the tournament proceeds smoothly, there still is a long, long queue outside the exhibition grounds. And we are already packed to the limit around the Intel Extreme Masters booth. ChinaJoy is a fascinating thing.

[10:53am] Under massive cheers from the crowd, local favourite EHOME gave LGD a beating. The DotA team is the first to advance to the final match.

[10:05am] All DotA playoff matches will be streamed live on WTV for your enjoyment. Also please note the news informing you about the presence of booth babes here at ChinaJoy.

[9:43am] Remember, you can still win awesome SteelSeries gear in our Comment Competition. Just post comments under any of the news or under any gallery picture (applies to all 4 different galleries linked).

[9:12am] With EHOME being here first and the other teams arriving on time, we're off to an early start. It's playoff time. So we'll see BO3 matches in Counter-Strike. Check the playoff brackets for details and make sure to follow us over the usual channels:


- Twitter feed
- Photo gallery

Booth Babes Gallery
31.07.2010 03:57
The girls of ChinaJoy

As common in gaming exhibitions, there are a lot of women working at the different booths. Purely for your information we have posted a few pictures so you can better understand the situation.

(Click photo to go to the full gallery. Comments count towards our Comment Competition.)

Feedback round
30.07.2010 11:09
How did you like it, Sir?

The group stage days are over and we are moving into the playoff days. At this point we'd like to hear YOUR feedback, so we might make some necessary changes for the final days. Let us know what you think about the event and the coverage so far in the comments under this news. And remember, you can still win a SteelSeries QcK+ by commenting.

Post to win! IEM Comment Competition
30.07.2010 08:53
Win SteelSeries gear!

As always we will have a few specials for you on this coverage page. The prize this time: a SteelSeries QcK+ mousepad. The prize will randomly go out to one comment poster. Comments in any news AND photos do count. Spam comments may be deleted, so stay on topic. You can post comments in as many news and photos as you like to increase your chances.

If the total number of comments under all news and photos combined exceeds 500, we will add another prize to the pool. So make sure you spread the word to all your friends.

Please note: Out of respect, comments under the news regarding the tragic death of Antonio "cyx" Daniloski will not count towards this competition.

In-eye demos
30.07.2010 07:46
Request in-eye demos here

As usual we cannot upload all demos right away due to limited bandwidth. So we'd like to ask you: Which player from the groupstage would you most like to see?

Let us know in the comments, and we will check whether we can find some demos. Please keep in mind that demos were not mandatory in the group stage, but most recorded demos anyways.

*Update* We have located most of fnatic's demos and will upload them to the matches later today. We'll try to get more demos online tomorrow.

Day 2 in Shanghai
30.07.2010 07:24
Updates from the venue

[5:01pm] The groupstages are over. In Warcraft 3 we will see ReMinD, Lyn, Grubby and Moon in the playoffs. In Counter-Strike it's fnatic, Tyloo, Tyloo.Raw and Na'Vi. The tournament continues Saturday morning. Check out the playoff brackets in the main menu.

[3:46pm] Our gallery has been updated with the latest photos from the WC3 tournament. See Moon and Infi in action and try to figure out why wNv needs security.

[3:20pm] The DotA group stage is finished. The playoff teams are: EHOME, ToTeam, LGD and Deity. You can find replays of all games here.

[2:09pm] Make sure to have a look at our Photo gallery. We've uploaded a few very spectacular pictures from today.

[1:40pm] Remember, you can request Counter-Strike in-eye demos here.

[12:00pm] If you want to watch the Chinese stream, you need to install the PPLive plugin and use your Internet Explorer. Then go to this website.

[11:13am] Our Chinese colleagues from CNTV will be streaming the DotA match between EHOME and QQQ live over the PPLive service at 1.30pm China time.

[10:51am] Spectator numbers are through the roof. Our booth is tightly surrounded by masses of people following the DotA and WC3 games which are broadcast on different screens.

[10:35am] The DotA games have just started. First it's EHOME against ToTeam. EHOME has gathered a large crowd at the tournament area, cheering heavily for the local favourite.

[10:27am] Due to the tragic events of yesterday, we have made adjustments to the coverage website. You will still find all important info on this page. Also, please be aware of the following information channels:

- Twitter feed
- Photo gallery

Shots from Shanghai
30.07.2010 07:23
Loads of new pictures

Check out the highlights of the day in our extensive photo gallery and feel free to post any specific requests into the comments of this news.

More pictures...

Updated ESL TV schedule
30.07.2010 03:17
New times and matches

ESL TV is still broadcasting the matches from Shanghai with Joe Miller, Konrad Templar Kleinholz and Kevin RotterdaM van der Kooi. Each show will be repeated in the evening on ESL TV for European viewers. Exact times can be found on the ESL TV website.

Friday 30/07/10 Saturday 31/07/10 Sunday 01/08/10

Day 1 in Shanghai
30.07.2010 03:04
First group stages over

As the community mourned the tragic loss of Antonio "cyx" Daniloski, the tournament in China was still underway. Yesterday saw the end of the first groups in all three games, in parts with surprising results:


A three-way tie after the group ended had to be decided by assessing the number of kills each team attained. This led to Nirvana.cn dropping out of the tournament by a close margin. First two teams move on to the playoffs.

1. LGD
2. Deity
3. Nirvana.cn
4. Bupt

WarCraft 3

To the dismay of the many Chinese fans at the venue, Chinese superstar Sky is out after the groupstage after losing against his two Korean opponents. First two players move on to the playoffs.

1. ReMinD
2. Lyn
3. Sky
4. Sai


Group A in Counter-Strike was decided on the last round of the day with Na'Vi and Tyloo drawing their game. While Chinese fans cheered their team on, this meant that Korean team We Made Fox is out of the tournament. The first two teams advance to the playoffs.

1. Tyloo
2. Natus Vincere
3. Wemade Fox
4. 9eZ

In memory of Antonio "cyx" Daniloski
29.07.2010 09:35
In memory of Antonio "cyx" Daniloski

We mourn the loss of one of the greatest Counter-Strike players of his generation. Antonio "cyx" Daniloski died in a car accident yesterday. He was 20 years old. Our deepest condolences go to his family, his friends and his team.

If you like to send your condolences, please do so on the mousesports website (German).

Live updates from Shanghai
29.07.2010 03:17
Global Challenge Day 1

[11:45am] We've added a bunch of picture to our Photo Gallery split up between our player focussed daily galleries and a more general all purpose gallery with random impressions from ChinaJoy, IEM and Shanghai.

[10:35am] Just to be clear: We will have all DotA & WC3 replays up shortly after the games. If you'd like anything special from the DotA competition, please let us know in the comments of this news.

[10:30am] Shanghai New International Expo Center is heavily crowded as gaming show China Joy starts into its first day. Long queues outside the venue made it difficult for players to come in on time. So we are currently facing a 30 minute delay in WC3, and around 60 minutes in DotA.

[9:20am] As we have learned, cyx from mousesports missed his plane. The rest of the team will arrive today, as expected, in time for their matches tomorrow. With only 4 players, mouz will not be able to play, so we are investigating how to solve this.

[9:13am] Good morning from China. We'll be updating you throughout the day with the latest happenings from Shanghai. Your main sources for updates will be:

- this website
- Our Twitter feed

We'll update Twitter regularly with short updates. Any lenghtier announcements will be found in this news.

First video from Shanghai
28.07.2010 18:47
Welcome to China everyone!

Build your own team for Shanghai
28.07.2010 18:11
Become a pro manager

Selectah.tv will host another CS-manager tournament for our Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Shanghai. All you need to do is draft five players from teams attending the tournament. Find out more at www.selectah.tv!

What is selectah?
The initial idea behind selectah is to offer the opportunity to create your own eSports team and manage it. The right transfer policy and strating lineup has a huge influence on the performance of the virtual team. The more successful each and every player within the squad is, the more points the user generates and the higher his ranking compared to other managers. The starting budget is exactly the same for all users so it comes down to knowledge, skill and of corse a very small portion of luck.

Tyloo.Raw & 9ez enter Global Challenge
23.07.2010 18:24
Fresh blood for Shanghai

Due to the cancelation of Team EG a new participant for group B had to be found. Therefore a second team of the famous Chinese clan Tyloo will compete with the big names from the West at the Global Challenge Shanghai. Tyloo.raw placed third in the Chinese qualification tournament and were even able to beat their mates from Tyloo during this qualifier.

Unfortunately SK Gaming will not attend the opening event of the Intel Extreme Masters. So one spot in group A was vacant, which will be filled with 9ez, who placed fourth in the Chinese qualifier. We're happy so see two more strong local competitors at ChinaJoy.

Global Challenge Shanghai CS1.6 Groups

Chinese champions complete GC Shanghai
19.07.2010 17:35
Here comes China!

All Chinese qualification tournaments for the Global Challenge Shanghai have ended. During the past weeks many known Chinese participants tried to qualify for the first event of Intel Extreme Masters' fifth season in Counter-Strike, DotA and Warcraft 3. Nine teams and three players have been found and divided in to the groups. In ten days they will try to represent their nation as best as possible, when the Intel Extreme Masters 5 goes live in Shanghai.

Unfortunately the US-American Team EG cancelled their participation. We will announce a replacement as soon as possible.

Global Challenge Shanghai CS1.6 Groups

Global Challenge Shanghai DotA Groups

Global Challenge Shanghai WC3 Groups

Global Challenge Shanghai groups are drawn
08.07.2010 09:59
Who will survive the group stage?

Today the groups of the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Shanghai were drawn. This will certainly not be an easy path for anyone. Especially the CS and Warcraft 3 groups are packed with top class teams and players. The Chinese slots will be determined within the next weeks via previously announced qualification tournaments: CS qualifier for South East China, East China, North China and South West China, DotA qualifier, Warcraft 3 qualifier

Global Challenge Shanghai CS1.6 Groups

Global Challenge Shanghai DotA Groups

    Group A
     Group B

Global Challenge Shanghai WC3 Groups

Gallery from the latest event in Asia

Altered CS1.6 Prize Money Distribution
07.07.2010 12:49
More teams will get more money

The prize distribution for the Counter-Strike 1.6 Global Challenge in Shanghai has been altered. The total amount remains unchanged and the new distribution is more widely spread, meaning more money for the lower ranked and a little less for the top ranked teams.

The changes have come based on the feedback of the teams we have invited to the Shanghai tournament. The new distribution is as follows:

Prize Money Distribution

      CS 1.6
    $ 14.000
    $ 7.000
    $ 5.000
    $ 3.500
    $ 2.750
    $ 2.750
    $ 2.500
    $ 2.500
    $ 40.000

Counter-Strike elite will visit Shanghai
05.07.2010 16:44
All six World Championship 2010 playoff participants!

After presenting the Warcraft 3 and DotA participants we now want to announce the Counter-Strike teams of the Global Challenge Shanghai. We invited six international top-class teams, who will compete not only for their share of the $40,000 cash prizes but also for a spot in the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in 2011. Two more teams from China will round out the list of participants by proving their skills in a local qualifier.

Global Challenge Shanghai Participants

Global Challenge Shanghai WC3 Participants
02.07.2010 10:51
Grubby vs. Asia's cream of the crop

The opening Global Challenge Shanghai will feature a Warcraft 3 tournament to kick start the fifth season of the Intel Extreme Masters. With this news we want to announce more information about the participants of the Warcraft 3 tournament. 5 players got invited directly, while 3 more players from China will follow.

Global Challenge Shanghai Participants

Global Challenge Shanghai DotA Participants
30.06.2010 14:59
First DotA team revealed!

The Global Challenge at ChinaJoy will be the first event of the Intel Extreme Masters Season 5. The Global Challenge Shanghai will feature eight teams. Seven of them will be from China, while one non-Chinese team has been invited directly to participate in Shanghai.

Global Challenge Shanghai Participants

Overall, 8 teams will participate in the DotA tournament at the Global Challenge. While Chinese teams have to fight for a slot in a qualifier, teams from other countries had the chance to apply for an invitation.

Apply for Global Challenge Shanghai
11.06.2010 11:02
Your way to Shanghai!

This Monday the fifth season of the Intel Extreme Masters opened by announcing the Global Challenge Shanghai taking place from July 29th to August 1st. With this news we want to announce more information about how to participate in the Counter-Strike, Warcraft 3 and DotA tournaments.

How to apply

Application for all three tournaments are open from today till June 24th. If you want to participate in the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Shanghai send an application to masters.application@esl.eu with the following details:
  • Which competition you are applying for
  • Team name
  • Player names
  • Team website (if applicable)
  • Notable achievements
  • Additional reasons which you think would help you get selected
    (Accommodation and travel expenses won't be paid by ESL)

Global Challenge Shanghai Participants

A total of 8 spots for every tournament will be filled with the best participants on a global scale. Chinese teams and players will have the chance to qualify directly via Chinese qualifiers, which will be announced at www.esl-asia.net.

    Counter-Strike 1.6:
    • 2 teams from ESL China's qualifier
    • 6 International teams
    Defense of the Ancients:
    • Minimum of 4 teams from ESL China's qualifier
    • Up to 4 international teams
    Warcraft 3:
    • 3 players from ESL China's qualifier
    • 5 invited players

Prize Money Distribution

      CS 1.6 DotA WC3
    $ 16.000
    $ 8.000
    $ 5.000
    $ 3.500
    $ 2.000
    $ 2.000
    $ 1.750
    $ 1.750
    $ 40.000
    $ 5.000
    $ 2.500
    $ 1.300
    $ 1.000
    $ 600
    $ 600
    $ 500
    $ 500
    $ 12.000
    $ 2.000
    $ 1.000
    $ 650
    $ 450
    $ 250
    $ 250
    $ 200
    $ 200
    $ 5.000

Fifth Season to open in Shanghai
07.06.2010 12:59
Intel Extreme Masters Season 5

The Global Challenge at ChinaJoy the 8th China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference in Shanghai will kick start the fifth season of the global league of eSports champions. Teams of Counter-Strike and Defense of the Ancients as well as Warcraft 3 players will clash in Shanghai, China, from July 29th to August 1st, for a total prize money of $57,000!

ChinaJoy hosts first Global Challenge

We love to announce officially that the first Global Challenge will take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 29th to August 1st. During these four days world class Counter-Strike 1.6 teams, Defense of the Ancients teams and Warcraft 3 players will compete for a total of $57,000 prize money.

DotA professionals will battle it out for the $12,000 prize money that is at stake, $5,000 are up for the grabs at the Warcraft 3 tournament. An appealing $40,000 in cash prizes will be available for the global Counter-Strike elite. Furthermore the winner of the Counter-Strike tournament qualifies for the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in 2011.

Intel Extreme Masters at ChinaJoy
Dates: July 29th - August 1st
Prize Pool: $57,000
Games: Counter-Strike 1.6, DotA, Warcraft 3
Venue: ChinaJoy
Shanghai New International Expo Center, China


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