QuakeLive added to Continental Championship season
The fourth season of the Intel Extreme Masters will feature a QuakeLive online season as part of the European and American Championships alongside Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft.
Each Continental Championship consists of a online qualifying period, the regular season online and the finals. In World of Warcraft, QuakeLive and North American Counter-Strike qualification will be based on direct invitations into the regular season and several qualification tournaments. The European Championship in Counter-Strike is slightly different in this respect: 18 teams are invited directly into the event while another 54 teams fight for the remaining 18 slots in two Qualifying Rounds.

The shape of the season in every game along with the qualifying process is explained in the appropriate sections of the Intel Extreme Masters website. It can be accessed from the website's main menu under "Europe" and "Americas."

Whether or not the QuakeLive season will be played entirely online or with LAN finals will be known in the coming weeks.

Counter-Strike European Championship

Counter-Strike American Championship

World of WarCraft European Championship

World of WarCraft American Championship

Quake Live European Championship

Quake Live American Championship

Genie, Monday, 14/09/09 18:07
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