New hot clips for video contest
Have you still not found your favorite moment of the season clip? With the Continental Finals Europe and Global Finals being really close to over, there are tons of great moments to choose between. How about the H O N vs SK.Korea turn around, or any of the amazing rounds ALTERNATE played against MYM or mTw?
The contest is still live, and for those of you who would consider a brand new Intel i7 processor, this is the perfect chance to claim one. Send in your favorite moment of the season (can be any clip throughout the whole Intel Extreme Masters Season 3) and win great prizes.

What is your favorite moment of the season?

Not so long ago we invited our visitors to make a video out of their best moment of the season. Despite having a lot of lovely videos, the contest is still open for more. Did you miss the news? Here are some facts again:

First prize:
Intel® Core i7 Processor
Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO Motherboard

Second prize:
Intel® Core i7 Processor

Rules & Information

The raffle is intended for Intel Extreme Masters Season 3 footage only
Free to use the Intel Extreme Masters Clip Pack for intros et cetera
No video length restriction
Video should be uploaded to YouTube
The video should have a High Quality version, for ESL TV airing purposes
Winners will be decided March 16th. Continental Finals Europe & Global Finals footage is of course OK to use.

To participate, send an email to momentoftheseason@esl-world.net including:
    Name of the movie
    Your name and nickname
    Link to YouTube video
    Link to your ESL profile
    E-mail address

Example video

Genie, Sunday, 08/03/09 14:21
comments (4)
great ^^
Please do big movies :)
where can i download LAN Footage from hannover or whats so ever?
just check the Match Pages. All Demos are there.
nice nice ;)
iam excited
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