All Participants for Chengdu
All participants for the Intel Extreme Masters III Continental Finals Asia CS are determined. It is only ten days to go until the best Counter-Strike teams from Asia and the international cream of the crop of Warcraft 3 will face of in Chengdu, China. The CS-Teams compete for $50,000 and two spots for the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals.

Participants Continental Finals Asia CS

   Keyfacts Chengdu  
  Games: Counter-Strike 1.6,
                   1on1 Warcraft 3

Participants Chengdu Warcraft 3 Tournament

    June 'Lyn' Park
    Manuel 'Grubby'Schenkhuizen
    Zhuo 'TeD' Teng
    Xiaofeng 'Sky' Li
    Jang 'Moon' Jaeho
    Xuwen 'InFi' Wang
    Wei Liang 'Fly100' Lu
    Mykhaylo 'HoT' Novopashyn

The Chengdu Event Page

The Chengdu Event Page (Chinese)

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otacon, Tuesday, 06/01/09 14:43
Continental Finals Asia CS
Intel Extreme Masters
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cs 1.6 = e-STRO win :p
Prizemoney: $ 60,000 == compete for $50,000 and two spots
#3 Yes. And the other $10,000 is for WarCraft III :)
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