Re-live CeBIT
All videos from the CeBIT tournaments

Re-live the tournaments at CeBIT with all the great video interviews that were made during the event. Here is a collection of all of them!

Continental Finals Europe
Xom interview
Desis from iNNERFiRE talks
Reliza from mouz Cake
Hilarious Xom moment
Cyx talks about CeBIT disaster
zet: "we played 70% today"
mooN talks ALTERNATE sensation
mouz vs ALTERNATE last round emotions
mJe: "we prepare new strats every time"
GeT_Right about being in fnatic
Lurppis - the Crack Clan underdog
RobbaN: "f0rest won the game for them"
mooN after fnatic victory
cArn: "GeT_RiGhT is the best in the world"
MYM.neo talks about the disappointment of 3rd place
Zonic admits: "I cried because John Connor cried"

Global Finals
ave from mTw after the MYM game
GeT_RiGhT: "I want to win."
Guddo: "I bet 1,000,000 euro we will stay"
cArn talks championship
Genie, Thursday, 12/03/09 13:10
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