H O N global champions!
H O N claims the victory and titles as world champions

The very final game of the World of WarCraft tournament is over, and H O N claimed the victory over SK-Gaming to title themselves world champions of World of WarCraft!

The score in the grand final ended at 3:2, 3:2, and the highlight of the game and the tournament came when H O N was down in a 1 versus 2 position, and turning it back to his favor by out of no where kill one of his opponents.

Global Finals Outcome
    1. H O N ($30,000)
    2. SK-Gaming ($15,000)
    3. aAa nawaK ($9,000)
    4. SK-Gaming ($6,000)
    5.-6. iNNERFiRE ($3,000)
    5.-6. mousesports ($3,000)
    7.-8. Evil Geniuses ($1,800)
    7.-8.` x6tence ($1,800)
    9.-10. SK-Gaming ($1,500)
    9.-10. Nihilum Plasma ($1,500)
    11.-12. mousesports Cake ($1,200)
    11.-12. compLexity ($1,200)

Next up are the last games of Counter-Strike. mTw and MeetYourMakers will battle it out to claim a spot in the grand final against fnatic
Genie, Sunday, 08/03/09 13:19
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