H O N revenge against aAa
H O N gets their revenge against aAa, all Korean grand final

H O N got their revenge against French aAa nawaK for kicking them down to loser bracket. The consolation final was just played between the two, and this time it was the Koreans that performed the better, and won 3 against 1.

This means that we will have an all Korean grand final between SK-Gaming and H O N. This match will be played on ESL TV 11.45 CET.

First pictures of the final day

After the grand final of World of WarCraft is over, we will head right in to Counter-Strike with the match between MeetYourMakers and mTw, which if course also will be played on stage and on ESL TV.
Genie, Sunday, 08/03/09 11:21
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