DDOS attack continues
ESL TV stream affected by outside attack

Due to a continuous attack on our network, the ESL TV stream is experiencing serious issues at the moment. Some outsiders are spamming our network with a botnet, trying to completely shut us down. We are working on all fronts to fix the problem, both from inside our network as well as through our internet service provider.

We sincerely apologize for the current situation and promise to have it running smoothly as soon as possible.
Affentod, Friday, 06/03/09 15:42
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Thanks for this information!
i saw a global and continuous attack of sponsors on ESL TV, can you fix that also ? :p
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Probably a group of catholic conservativ parents trying to prevent brutal computergames from damaging the mental health of their children^^
Good Luck ! We are behind you !
Yeah fatal1ty is spamming you from his intel boot. His 30mins trash talk is the reason why your network fails.
pretty good hackers, these catholic parents, huh? ;)
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Daniel K you're damn right! Damn Core I7, just to many cores for ESL TV to handle with :(
What the... good luck beating this fu... suckers.
this stupid i7 commercial including this scientology like behaving frank are the reasons for me never to buy this fucking product in my life
i cant take another tech-talk with fatality... he seems bored himself :P
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