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Date Friday, 19/01/07 20:30
Calculated 27/11/06 18:02
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Turtle Rock 1 : 0
Lost Temple (ROC version) 0 : 1
Secret Valley 1 : 0
Grubby wins !
Points +3 : 0
16/01/07 18:11
I know ToD means 'death' in German, and I'll be traveling to Paris for this trip from Germany. Could it have some meaning? ToD is traveling straight from China, where ToD has no meaning in the Chinese language. Does that mean I will face death and ToD will face nothing? Roughly translated that would mean that I would be a no-show, thereby resulting in ToD facing no one and me getting into an accident.

Since I don't believe in this kind of superstition, I'll let the games speak for themselves. ToD got some hot overseas practice lately while I've had some hot overseas holidays. Regardless, I've been preparing lately and hope to disprove superstitious people all over the world.

16/01/07 17:54
Statement ToD
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