mousesports vs. plan-B
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MatchID 4796805
Date Sunday, 04/02/07 22:00
Calculated 24/10/06 19:49
map de_inferno
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13 : 2
3 : 0
mousesports wins !
Points +3 : 0
31/01/07 13:26
Last game versus mousesports
Our last game against a team which will surely make it to the Masters Finals. We are playing with our new fifth player "madswey", who already played together with snic at various clans before they both came to plan-B.
We are looking forward to playing the new, strong lineup from mouz and we are going into the match as a clear underdog. Never the less we will do our best to proof that also in the Alps fine CS is played and that we can represent our country well.

For a good game!
02/02/07 14:38
Versus plan-B it's going to be neck or nothing. Due to the fact that NiP stopped playing in the Extreme Masters, we need one more point to arise on first place in our group. Since the match will be broadcasted live by GIGA, we'll definitely be highly motivated to eventually get the required points. The group's winner is qualified for the finals of the Extreme Masters, whereas second place gets another chance alongside a qualification match, which we want to avoid playing it.

Lineup: Kapio, Blizzard, gore, Tixo, silver* #11
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