Intel Extreme Masters III: 750,000USD Prize Money
The third season of the Intel Extreme Masters unlocks a new level of eSports and entertainment. The Intel Extreme Masters Season III features events on three continents: Asia, America and Europe. The world's best eSport clans will be playing on highest performing Intel Extreme Processors on Alienware Systems from Dell's Gaming group competing for a prize money of 750,000USD. Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft are the disciplines.

Intel Extreme Masters Website

750,000USD Prize Money for Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft

For the previous seasons of the Intel Extreme Masters the games Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft 3 were the two main disciplines. For the third season we are exchanging one game. Instead of Warcraft 3, the world's most popular MMORPG, played by more than 10 million players, will be the second title: World of Warcraft. At the Blizzard and Intel Warcraft Weekend in Hamburg and at the Intel Extreme Masters at DreamHack the ESL presented two major tournaments that introduced WoW to the eSports audience. We are looking forward to see World of Warcraft as a part of the Intel Extreme Masters.

Tournaments around the world

After two exciting seasons of Intel Extreme Masters featuring several events in Europe and the Global Challenge in Los Angeles it is time to take the next step: The third season of world's greatest eSports tournament is featuring events in Asia, America and Europe. The American and European continental league seasons will culminate in continental finals. Individual country finals will be hosted in Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of South Korea. The start of the third season will be at Games Convention 2008. In early 2009 the world finals will determine the world’s best teams at CeBIT 2009!

Further information about the play mode, the qualification system and of course the events will be announced on the Intel Extreme Masters website soon!
sot3k, Thursday, 19/06/08 10:12
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n1n1n1n :D
WoW no way is a boring game to watch, step backwards for eSports imho, picking a game where luck and % is much more important than skill.But oh well 10 million users....
fuck off wow!
WoW wtf? .. boring game to watch .. realllllly boring
fucking wow
plz no WoW, come on. Who will watch this?
gogo wow nolifer gogo :D
Before, ESL and ESWC.
Today, only ESWC.
Step backwards for electronic sports, and step backward for ESL. But I also think ESL made this decision under pressure.
they deleted my post è_é
must have been a nice bl*wj*b from blizzard

bad decision !
T_T WC3 will be dead in Europe without the support of ESL in one or two years. Hopefully it will remain popular in China...
em dead now for me !! wow=boring³
everything is the same, only that we added wow. WC3 still exists in WC3L. WC3L is still existing.
Serious Gaming on it's way :)
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Yes WC3L exists. But where were the finals held!? Hm...AH..yes! Changsda, China. So, I think in one or two years, WC3L will be supervised by PGL (ESL.cn) in China and not by ESL.eu anymore. The kick of WC3 from EM is the first step. WC3 in EPS is still big, it might survive a little bit longer if the SC2 community in Germany develops too slow in contrast to Korea. But let's face it, WC3 will be dead soon in Europe.
many wc3 players are already preparing for sc2. wc3 is dead in EU as it is in the US... in the US for more than a year already!
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a joke nothing else

i think wc3 has ever been dead in the US? :°
but why dont u just make a "wowl" if you want to add wow to esports
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watch wow in an arena especially made for esport purposes before judging it. :)
wow was dead for esport when it was born
who will watch wow? asians dont see wow as a sport (as i know) and which wow player knows esl? so who will support this step?
step backwards for esl in my opinion

arena was made for esports? i am not sure. for me it looks more like it's for the mass-gamers with good equip who want to show their "skill" to each other.
yes, i already watched arena. it's just boring to watch. it's like pokemon, you just have to click on keys and your enemy will die (if you're lucky). my friends and my brother are wow freaks, and they think in the same way
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fuck off wow!
I think, wow don't should be there. Need other games starcraft, warcraft III or quake.

RTS & fps 1vs1 ftw!
fuck wow
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In the China event only allowed Chinese players to take part in?
n00b w0w ._.
WoW is about clicking keys at the right time. So is CS, so are all games. It takes skill to play both games. Stop complaining about it. Your not losing any prize money and having WoW will create a bigger audience. A bigger audience will get more sponsers so more prize money.
@die jule : everythings da same ? I guess it´s not because the most important tournament in the wc3 scene has been removed. And I think wc3 has been the best representative for e-sport because it´s not as violent as all the shooters .......
no, in wow you don't have to click keys at the same time. you just have to spam clicks and have luck (%...) .

it wasn't the most important tournament for wc3 scene oO. but it's a big step backwards to support wow instead of wc3 i think
What a fucking joke, seriously esl, wow is THE most boring game to watch and every game will be same crap as the last. Stupid move, wc3 is so much more spectator friendly and 100% more balanced.
WoW was originally designed with PVE in mind with pvp as a side track so the classes are just not cut out for it in terms of balance and trying to get both PVE and PVP perfect is impossible, wow should stick to what its good at.
@30 shows that you dont understand how WoW works.
shows that you see that you lost.
i played wow till lvl 58, and to be honest it isn't more than clicking on your enemy and clicking on a skill. that's the point where you need skill in wow?
OMFG, N1!! need sponsor now! :XD
you have to be open for new stuff, back in the days everyone moaned about wc3 being a top title in esl leagues, now with wow. I am quite certain we will all laugh about this in some years :(
@imperator-xy: So I guess you played in the arena on lvl 58, right? Please play it first and then talk. Most people dont even have a clue how WoW works. Its all about situation awareness, really good teamwork as well as good positioning and good timing. So I dont really know what about that should be "NO SKILL".

edit: WoW actually starts when you are max lvl. And you really start knowing how everything works. Until you didnt do that, dont start writing negative comments.
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@36 i have played wow at 70 pretty hardcore and the level of competitive play and strategies is a joke, numerous classes are useless in certain brackets and matches are incredibly boring to watch. The numerous imbalances are unrivalled by any successful esport
shud be cod 4!!!!!
what a sucks, nice one. Need money ESL?
We are open for new things. But the point is that I always liked matching with other people. But when I play or watch PvP in WoW I don't get the feeling that me or the playing person is matching with his enemy. It feels like the enemy's team is winning because of the better class-combo or because of more luck or better abilities and I just don't want this to become the future of eSport. In my opinion it's the opposite of eSport.

Yes, WoW is a famous game and Blizzard is trying to push it. But most of the guys who are spectating eSport don't like to see WoW.

I didn't play arena, I just watched it and heard about it from my friends and my brother.
Well, I don't know if you need much skill. My brother tells me that you don't need while more of my friends (you can say that WoW is a big part of their life) say that you need skill than you don't need skill. But they are these kinds of persons who instantly leave other games and go online at WoW if they are loosing there.

But maybe my opinion is wrong. I will probably watch it on ESL-TV one time and if it's as boring as I think I won't watch it again. But maybe it's good and I'll change my decision, also if I don't think so.

Bye, and sorry if I am to aggressive
PvP ≠ 1on1.
As soon as there are different classes, different abilities etc. it's nothing you really can compete in, imho. You need to have the same basis. Sure, Formula 1 wouldn't be a sport then (and for me, it's not), still, I guess there are some regulations that try to make it more even for everyone. Now I don't know how this is handled with WoW, but from what I heard it's a little bit too much.. you know.. freedom of choice to be an actual 'sport'.
But hey, I neither know the exact regulations nor the game, so whatever. Only thing I'm certain of is that I'm not happy with this & the possible future of e-sports coming after this.

On the other hand I don't care much about this whole extreme masters thing anyway, so what right. ;)
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#21 "watch wow in an arena especially made for esport purposes before judging it. :)"

Are you kidding me? Dont talk about things you obviously know nothing about.
WoW.. are you serious? What a fucking joke.

No respect for ESL anymore.
wow is the most boring game to watch (mb except Tetris). Sad decision.
"watch wow in an arena especially made for esport purposes before judging it. :)"

mhm please inform y about telling more bullshit :D
@last blizzcon also this wow matches were shown and it SUCKS to watch. i hope y will realize THIS!
well kicking it out of em after the sc2 release would be more understandable to me.
money is all
Cool :P
money is all what they really wants.....hate it !!
wow is such a freeky game...
We'll see how WoW works out this season :).
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