XeqtR, Tosspot & RotterdaM to cast Intel Extreme Masters
The Intel Extreme Masters II Finals starts tomorrow. Thrilling matches and unforgettable moments. But not only the matches will burn into your memory. Also the commentators are world class and international. The Norwegian CS legend XeqtR will commentate the Counter-Strike matches together with the famous Tosspot. RotterdaM and Templar will once again work together to present the Warcraft 3 tournament. Furthermore we have a 350Kbit freestream in English.
Enjoy finest eSports for free on ESL TV!

We proudly present a 350Kbit freestream for you in English. So you can enjoy finest eSports, entertainment and action from the Intel Extreme Masters II Finals live from Hannover, Germany. Via the Octoshape plug in you won't miss a heartbeat of the thrilling action.

The Commentators in the Overview:

Counter-Strike 1.6:

Joergen "XeqtR" Johannessen
Stuart "Tosspot" Saw

Warcraft 3:

Konrad "Templar" Kleinholz
Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi

Curtain raises, background information, up to date results and everyday's winners: On the official page of Intel Extreme Masters II Finals at CeBIT 2008 in Hannover you get it all! Additionally, there will be the newest match infos, pictures and much more during the event. With this page you won´t miss anything!

Enjoy finest eSport matches from the Intel Extreme Masters II Finals live on ESL TV. You won't miss a moment of thrilling Counter-Strike and Warcraft 3 action on ESL TV
otacon, Wednesday, 05/03/08 19:17
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Very nice :) I'm really looking forward to their casts
Yeah, really looking forwards to Rotterdams casting. I hope he can provide entertaining coverage for the knowledgable people and Templar for the new audience.

Nice balance.
XeqtR is my hero :D
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