Intel® Extreme Masters Finals at CeBIT 2008
The CeBIT will be the home of this years Intel® Extreme Masters Finals. As last year the best teams and players from the Main Round and the Global Challenge LA will be at the Intel booth to show their skills and represent eSports at the biggest trade show for the ICT sector worldwide. Join us on Saturday and Sunday at CeBIT and see the play offs with the best eSport players in the world competing for $285,000 prize money!

Intel® Extreme Masters Finals - Gallery

Worlds best meet at the Intel® Extreme Masters
On Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th of March, we got something special for all the eSports fans out there. As you may know, the best tow non-european teams and players from the Global Challenge Los Angeles are qualified for Intel® Extreme Masters Finals at CeBIT. So you will not only see the best European teams and players but also representatives from all over the world. These international participants are:
The show beside Intel® Extreme Masters:
At the Intel booth, a 1200qm big pavilion, you will not only see eSports at it's best. Beside the eSports weekend you can for example experience the tremendous Formula 1 feeling at the Intel Racing Tour. Just come and see what is waiting for you!

Groupstage live on ESL TV
The Intel® Extreme Masters Finals Group Stage will be played on Thursday and Friday at the Hannover Congress Center and is non-public. You can see the matches live on ESL TV 400Kbit free stream and 700 Kbit and 1 MBit premium streams. So you will not miss a result or happening!

On Saturday and Sunday you can see the most important matches live at the Intel booth and support you favorite players or teams. ESL TV will also broadcast the whole weekend and show you everything if you are not at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

Grab your virtual event award!
Every ESL premium user who logs in at CeBIT will get an award for visiting the Intel® Extreme Masters Finals II. Don't forget to bring your login data or ESL playercard. Otherwise you can't get this award.

Stay tuned for further information.

Enjoy finest eSport matches from the Intel Extreme Masters II Finals live on ESL TV. Jou won't miss a moment of thrilling Counter-Strike and Warcraft 3 action on ESL TV.
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