Match of the Week: Ciara vs. HoT
Each playday in the Extreme Masters will feature two Matches of the Week. These matches will be highlighted with a preview right here on the Extreme Masters website. The Match of the Week for Warcraft III is a match between two of the best players of their country. HoT from Ukraine will face Ciara from Denmark in thrilling match that will be shown live on GIGA.
MYM]Ciara vs. SK.HoT, Thursday 8pm


Ciara has been around the scene for quite a while now. In the past few months he has improved his game a lot and he is now one of the best, if not the best, Danish player. Ciara didn't win any "big" international tournaments this far, but his results in InCup and other tournaments show that he can take a map or two even from the best players of the world. His play style is sometimes very unconventional and therefore he might be able to surprise a few of his opponents in the Extreme Masters.


HoT is probably the strongest Warcraft III player in Ukraine at the moment. HoT is known for his aggressive Night Elf play-style and he is able to regularly beat the 'big names', as he proved once more when he recently managed to win not one but two straight InCups. His Night Elf mirror match is one of the best on this fair planet and his diversified play style is just impressive.

The Match

Since Orc players managed to counter Mass-Dotts Night Elfvs. Orc is always a nice matchup to watch - especially with players like this. Ciara just recently beat Deadman on the WCG Finals to yet again prove that he is worthy of playing the Extreme Masters. HoT on the other hand placed on a hard earned third place on the WCG, beating none else than Ciara in the quarterfinals there, and could only be stopped by Human players. Both players should be in a good shape due to the WCG and they have shown that they know this match up by heart therefore we are looking forward to a great match!

Celebrity Predictions

sCa.NaZ: HoT 2:1 Ciara
fnatic.triMble 2:1 Ciara
fatcap.Rholle: Ciara 2:1 HoT
mTw|hnf: HoT 2:1
SK.Take: HoT 2:0 Ciara

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